Trench Collapse Work Accidents in Fort Lauderdale

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Trench Collapses Account for Many Fort Lauderdale Work Injuries

There are many jobs that increase the dangers to workers lives and health.  Construction work, work with heavy machinery, and even public service face many dangers.  Many types of injuries can happen, such as falls, collapses, heat related illness and much more.

One of the most dangerous types of work injuries happens when a trench collapses, crushing or suffocating the workers within. These accidents can lead to severe injuries and in many cases loss of life.

Trenches are used on many construction projects. The projects that trenches may be used for include burying utilities, installing cables, pouring foundations, or building water ways.  Most trenches, especially when they are built up to OSHA regulations, are safe. They serve their purpose on the project while also keeping those working in them safe and protected from the elements.  However, in some cases, trenches can collapse on the workers inside them. They can give way, crushing or suffocating completely vulnerable people. If there is water involved, these people can also be drowned.

Most trench collapses, which are often the fault of the construction company that failed to comply with regulations or best practices, lead to serious injuries (like a broken spine) or even loss of life.

The families and loved ones of those injured in trench collapses may have a legal case against those who were negligent in building or supporting the collapsed trench. These parties may then be eligible to recover damages from a claim, resulting in fair financial compensation.

If you believe you may have a legal case after a trench collapse tragedy, or want to learn more about your legal rights, the best first step to take is to call a Fort Lauderdale work injury lawyer. An experienced attorney can supply more information, giving you the knowledge on how to proceed.

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