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Type of Dangerous Drug Cases

When the medical treatments that were supposed to help you cause you further injury, you might be entitled to compensation from the responsible party. If you suffered injury because a medication or medical device was dangerous or defective, because the manufacturer didn’t make consumers aware of the risks, or because the dosing was incorrect, a drug injury claim might be in order.

About four out of five Americans take at least one prescription medication, and nearly 30 percent of the population takes five or more, according the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Unfortunately, as the CDC explains, “Adverse drug events (ADEs) are a serious public health problem.” Approximately 700,000 people have to be rushed to emergency room each year due to ADEs.

Many pharmaceuticals, medical implants and medical devices have caused patients health complications and dangerous side effects. There are various types of medications or products that may be defective or otherwise cause injury, including:

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Drug Companies May Act Negligently

Pharmaceutical companies are supposed to test their products thoroughly before putting them on the market. They are required to provide adequate warnings about potential dangerous side effects, and they must market the drugs appropriately.

Unfortunately, many companies sidestep the rules. Some may:

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