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Tires are critical to the safety and performance of vehicles. They enable cars to safely roll over bumps, tackle tough terrain, and grip the road during maneuvers. Tire blowouts and other types of defects risk the lives of vehicle drivers, passengers, and others on the roadway. Tire manufacturers must engage in safe practices to minimize the risk of defects and design flaws. Negligence at any stage of the process can lead to a deadly car accident. The attorneys at the Law Offices of Chalik & Chalik may be able to help victims involved in defective tire crashes in Fort Lauderdale.

About Defective Tire Injuries

Every year, thousands of people sustain injuries in accidents involving defective tires. When a tire experience cracks, wear and tear, or weak places, they can blowout. It is easy to lose control of a vehicle after a tire blowout, resulting in crashes such as rollovers. In a rollover, passengers can suffer injuries such as crushed limbs, broken bones, internal injuries, head injuries, and damage to the spinal cord. The physical damages a defective tire can cause are virtually endless. In most of these car accidents, the defendant is the tire manufacturer. For more information about how to hire a car accident attorney, click here.

While vehicle owners are responsible for replacing worn tires, manufacturers are a significant part of the problem. Poorly designed and manufactured tires can experience safety problems such as tread separation. In the past, manufacturers such as Firestone have released recalls on tires that have known defects. Tragically, these recalls come too late for many to avoid harm. While federal and state advocates now push for more stringent tire manufacturing regulations, manufacturers still make mistakes that lead to defective tires available to the masses.

Tire defects can come in one of three forms: manufacturing error, dangerous design, or marketing mistakes. A manufacturing error can make a tire that would be safe dangerous for use due to issues on the assembly line. Tires that have inherently unsafe designs may shred more easily when used, or blow out in such a way that threatens the stability of the vehicle. Tires with inadequate marketing can lead to consumer misuse and failure to replace the tire when necessary. All these defects can be equally as dangerous to consumers. Contact our Fort Lauderdale defective tire accident lawyers with any questions you may have regarding consumer misuse or manufacturing errors.

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When a Tire Recall is Necessary

A tire recall is necessary when it fails to comply with the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, and when the tires have a design or manufacture defect that places the driver in danger. The Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards establish minimum performance requirements for the components of a vehicle that have the greatest impact on its safe operation.

A safety-related defect is one that presents a risk to the safety of the vehicle and may be present in a group of vehicles that have the same design or manufacture. When a tire blows out or there is tread separation while the motorist is driving at a rate appropriate for the highway, the driver and all passengers are in great peril of suffering injury or death. However, the tire manufacturer is still liable for damages to the injured victims when a tire model is recalled.

What to Do About a Tire That is Defective

Once a police officer or scene investigator names your tire as the proximate cause of your recent car accident, consider a product liability claim. While not all tire blowouts and issues come down to someone else’s negligence, some cases do involve carelessness on the part of the manufacturer or distributor. One conversation with our Fort Lauderdale personal injury attorneys can help you learn whether a tire defect could be grounds for a lawsuit.

Defective tire product liability claims only require that the plaintiff have proof of the defect and that the defect caused the injury. Fort Lauderdale product liability laws do not place the burden of proof of negligence on plaintiffs. This can make it easier to reach a settlement agreement or judgment award with the right team of lawyers. Defective tires are sadly an all-too-common cause of car accidents around the country. The laws regarding these cases can be complex. Don’t wait until you miss your deadline for filing a claim against a tire manufacturer in Florida. Call Chalik & Chalik today.

Tire Recalls

Tire Lawsuits

9 Most common tire defects include:

  1. Defective Continental Tires
  2. Defective Cooper Tire & Rubber Company Tires
  3. Firestone Tire Defects/Defective Tires
  4. Goodyear Defective Tires
  5. Michelin Defect: Defective Michelin Tires
  6. Pep Boys Tire Defects
  7. Pirelli Tire Defects
  8. Yokohama Tire Defects
  9. Hankook Tire Defects

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