Symptoms of a Herniated Disc

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Are Symptoms Noticeable?

After a Fort Lauderdale car crash, a victim may come into the doctor’s office with undefined pains. They know something is wrong in their legs and feet and describe it as muscle weakness or a feeling of tingling and numbness. When a doctor tells the patient that these are classic symptoms of a herniated disc, the victim may not believe it. Many people assume a herniated disc is accompanied by intolerable pain.

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Sometimes a Herniated Disc Has No Pain

Depending upon the types of soft tissue involved and the location of the herniation, symptoms of herniated discs can vary from no pain to serious, insistent pain.

Some common signs and symptoms of herniated discs include:

When a herniated disc isn’t pressing on nerves or soft tissue, it is possible to not have any symptoms or pain. However, when the herniation is severe, permanent nerve damage or paralysis can occur, which can result in a loss of bladder and bowel control and sexual dysfunction.

What If Your Injury Was Caused By Someone Else?

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