Injury Lawyer for Accidents Caused by a Dangerous Intersection Fort Lauderdale, FL

Intersections are high-risk areas for traffic accidents in Fort Lauderdale. Drivers can be at an even higher risk of experiencing a collision if they are at some of the more dangerous intersections in the city. You could end up seriously injured and with a damaged vehicle after a collision at an intersection in Florida.

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Dangerous Intersections in Fort Lauderdale

There are several intersections in Fort Lauderdale that have a reputation for being dangerous. These intersections include:

Heavy congestion and issues with visibility contribute to the danger presented by these intersections, making them a hazard for drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists. Many drivers also behave aggressively at these intersections, increasing the odds that an accident will occur.

Factors That Make Intersections Dangerous

Any intersection can be dangerous. Much of this danger is caused simply because multiple drivers are all trying to travel in different directions at an intersection. Accidents may also be more likely to occur at an intersection if a driver is:

Drivers who run red lights or stop signs immediately endanger everyone around them. Finally, pedestrians may walk across an intersection unexpectedly. Pedestrians may not even use crosswalks, increasing the odds that they will be struck by a vehicle.

Common Accidents at Dangerous Intersections

We’ve discussed the causes of collisions at dangerous intersections in Fort Lauderdale. Now let’s review the common accidents we see at these intersections. You could be involved in a:

Any of these accidents could leave you with rising medical bills and high repair costs for your vehicle. Address these issues directly by contacting a car accident lawyer for help in Fort Lauderdale right now.

Compensation with Your Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Policy

All drivers in the state of Florida are required to carry:

These policies are a part of your car insurance. They are specifically designed to cover some of your medical expenses, repair costs, and lost wages at work if you are involved in a car accident in Fort Lauderdale.

However, these policies are limited. They may not offer you enough compensation to fully recover from your injuries and the damage to your vehicle after an accident caused by a dangerous intersection.

Additional Forms of Compensation for Car Accidents

Florida is a no-fault state for car accidents. Generally, this means you are responsible for covering your own costs with insurance. However, exceptions are made if you experience a severe injury. In this case, you may be able to seek compensation from the driver who caused the accident.

In order to get compensation from another driver, your car accident lawyer may:

In either of these cases, your lawyer will need to show that another driver was responsible for causing your accident. Your lawyer must also demonstrate that your injuries and property damage were a result of the collision.

Get Personal Support After a Collision

Jason and Debi Chalik believe that you deserve dedicated support if you were involved in an accident caused by a dangerous intersection. They’ll directly take on your case to work to get you the compensation you deserve.

Let them begin working on your case right now. They won’t take payment for legal fees unless they bring you the damages you need to recover from your injuries following a serious auto accident in Fort Lauderdale.

Call Legal Professionals Following an Accident at an Intersection

You can get legal advice after a wreck by contacting an injury lawyer for accidents caused by a dangerous intersection in Fort Lauderdale. Dial 855-529-0269 to reach the professionals at the Law Offices of Chalik & Chalik. We can begin working on your claim right now with a free consultation.