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Parents Seek Justice for Defective Crib Injuries

When parents place their baby down for a nap or to sleep at night, they may trust that the crib they place their child in is safe. However, many parents are surprised to learn that cribs have actually been at the center of many product liability lawsuits in Fort Lauderdale and throughout this nation due to lead paint based cribs, drop-side cribs, and other types of crib dangers.

Although many parents have already discovered the dangers of lead-painted cribs and drop-side cribs that cause injuries and deaths to innocent children and the recall of those types of cribs, there could still be other dangerous types of cribs on the market.

When companies take shortcuts, do not complete the proper tests, or poorly design and manufacture a crib, infants can suffer catastrophic injuries as a result. Unfortunately, parents are at the hands of largalike corporations – trusting that the company designed and built the crib correctly.

If a crib was not manufactured properly, and your child suffered injuries as a result of a defective crib, you may be entitled to hold that company liable for your child’s injuries. Call an experienced personal injury lawyer at Chalik & Chalik at 855-529-0269 for a complimentary consultation today.

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