Florida Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Whether you work in a warehouse or an office cubicle, workplace injuries happen. If you sustained your injury as you were performing your work duties, you might be eligible to receive workers compensation benefits.

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Common Types of Workplace Accidents

Under Florida’s workers’ compensation laws, most injuries that happen in the space of the workplace or while performing work duties are eligible for compensation.

Common work-related accidents include the following:

Common Injuries Resulting from Work-Related Accidents

Of all the work-related injuries that occur, strains and sprains top the list of most common injuries, according to Insurance Journal. The industry publication reports the following injuries as being the top five most common injuries (as a percentage of total claims) stemming from the workplace:

These injuries result in a stacking of missed work days (57 days, on average, for strains and sprains; 78 days, on average, for inflammation; and 91 days, on average, for fractures).

Types of Benefits Offered by Florida Workers’ Compensation

Given the fact that work-related injuries can result in high medical expenses and can also affect your ability to work, you might quickly find yourself running low on funds you need to provide for your family and cover necessary household expenses.

This is where workers’ compensation can help, by covering costs associated with medical treatment for your work injury and some of your lost wages. The amount of lost wages benefits you receive is based on whether your disability classifies as a temporary total, temporary partial, permanent total or permanent partial.

A Florida workers’ compensation lawyer at Chalik&Chalik Injury Lawyers can review your case and determine for which benefits you might qualify.

Requirements of Florida’s Workers’ Compensation

The state of Florida requires documentation and action from you for you to maintain your eligibility for workers’ compensation benefits:

Filing Your Florida Workers’ Compensation Claim

You have two years from the date of your work-related accident in which to file a workers’ compensation claim. Florida’s process for filing a workers’ compensation claim can challenge even in the best of circumstances. Add to the obstacle course of forms and requirements the pain and anxiety you are feeling, and the process gets downright overwhelming.

Our team of workers’ compensation lawyers will make sure your claim meets all the requirements, and we will file your claim on your behalf.

If you plan to hire a Florida workers’ compensation lawyer to help you with your workers’ compensation, you will want to begin the hiring process sooner rather than later. The effort of gathering documents, establishing negligence, and building your case takes time. Getting an early start gives your lawyer the time he or she needs to put together a claim that will stand on its own.

Filing an Appeal

If your workers’ compensation claim is denied, we will continue to fight for your right to be compensated. The insurance company or your employer can deny your workers’ compensation claim for a variety of reasons. Whether the claim just needs to be polished with additional details or it requires a complete overhaul, we can handle your appeal, doing everything we know to get you the compensation you deserve.

Pursuing a Third-Party Lawsuit

Perhaps your employer did not cause your accident, but rather, another party is at fault. In this case, you might consider filing a third-party lawsuit.

For example:

Regardless of the situation, if a third party caused your work-related accident, our legal team will prove their fault and establish liability so you can recover your damages. You must file a third-party personal injury action within four years of the date of the accident.

The Time to Act on Your Workers’ Compensation Claim is Now

The sooner you hire a lawyer to initiate your claim or third-partylawsuit, the sooner your attorney can begin to build your case—using fresh evidence and witnesses who still recall the events of the accident.

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