Latest Statistics Show Helmets Save Lives in Bike Crashes

Florida requires that those 16-years-old and younger wear a bicycle helmet for protection; however, statistics point to good reason to wear a helmet no matter what your age.

Anyone who has witnessed the damage done to a bicyclist when hit by a negligent driver can tell you that protecting your head with a helmet is a good idea. The statistics back this up:

  • Collisions with motor vehicles account for 75 percent of all bicycle fatalities.
  • Head injuries account for about 60 percent of motor vehicle collision deaths.
  • Bicycling accounts for nearly three times as many head injuries than either baseball or football head injuries.
  • Wearing a helmet can reduce your risk of head injury by about 85 percent.
  • 75 percent of bicycle-related deaths among children could be prevented with a bicycle helmet.

As the statistics indicate, by wearing a helmet you can drastically lower an incidence of serious injury or even death in a bike accident .

If you are a cyclist or ride a bike anytime, we encourage you to wear a helmet.

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