Enjoy bicycling in Florida? Take the Cycling Savvy Course

Most bicyclists can benefit from continuing education and training that help them become more competent bicyclists. In such cases, however, bicyclists don’t need a beginner training class. What they need is a program that empowers them to become more confident riders and avoid accident risks.

The Cycling Savvy course was developed for the Florida Bicycle Association. It is designed to help cyclists get over the fear of bicycling in traffic. This may ultimately make them safer cyclists.

The course is based on the principles of Mindful Bicycling, or attentive, observant and regardful bicycling. It helps bicyclists understand what traffic signs and signals mean, how to read bike lane stripes, and what he should do when his lane is beginning to end.

The goal of the program is not to make people overconfident or aggressive on the road. The course aims at instilling confidence in bicyclists, and helping them deal with situations like busy stretches of road in which they may not be comfortable riding.

What does the Cycling Savvy program include? 

The Cycling Savvy program consists of three components of three hours each. The following components are included in the program. 

  • Bicycle handling skills practiced in a parking lot
  • Classroom session to learn bicycle-specific laws and biking strategies
  • On-road session for skill building in a practical learning environment


Of these three, bicyclists can take the class sessions and bicycle handling sessions separately. However, you must have completed both of these programs in order to take the on-road session.

How do I sign up? 

To sign up for a Cycling Savvy program, open the Cycling Savvy website (www.cyclingsavvy.org) and click on Find a Course. You will find a list of courses offered around the state of Florida including First Coast, Gainesville, Orlando Metro, Southwest Florida, Tallahassee and Tampa Bay. Click on the option that is closest to you, and there you’ll find a list of instructors who offer the program. You can purchase sessions at $30.00 each. You may pay in advance for those you want to take in the future, if there are no sessions currently scheduled.

If Hurt, Call Chalik & Chalik

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