What Not to Do After a Head Injury

Head injuries often happen in car accidents. The sudden impact of an auto wreck can leave damages to the brain, which, if acute, must be medically treated immediately.

These are things you should not do if someone is injured in a Florida car accident, if there are signs of a brain injury:

  • A head wound that is deep or bleeding a lot should be left alone. Do not wash or apply pressure.
  • Any object thrust in a wound, should be left.
  • Do not move the person unless absolutely necessary.
  • Never shake the person if they seem dazed.
  • If you suspect a serious head injury, leave the victim’s helmet in place.
  • A fallen child with any sign of a head injury should be kept still.
  • Alcohol should be avoided within 48 hours of a serious head injury.
  • Avoid aspirin, ibuprofen, or other anti-inflammatory medications — they may increase the risk of bleeding.

Head injuries are serious. Always call medical help, as any brain injury poses a potential risk for the victim. The damages with head injuries can be long term and affect many facets of a victim’s life, sometimes requiring compensation to make the necessary adjustments to work and home.