Florida couple killed while pushing stalled car

Two teenagers were killed and one was injured when they were hit by an SUV while pushing a friend’s disabled car in Miramar, Florida, on July 27.

Jonah Mosaphir and his girlfriend Gabrielle Camps, both 19, were pronounced dead at the scene. The couple was helping a friend whose BMW stalled on Pembroke Road.

A group of five people, including the couple, was pushing the vehicle eastbound on an unlit stretch of the road at around 1 a.m. According to police, the residential area has no streetlights and it was very dark when the crash occurred.

The SUV slammed into the rear of the car, killing Mosaphir and Camps and injuring Martinez, the 19-year-old owner of the BMW. He was airlifted to Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood, Florida. Two other friends who were helping to push the car were unhurt.

Investigators identified the SUV driver as 23-year-old Asia Valentine of Miramar. No charges have been filed against Valentine, who stayed at the scene of the accident and cooperated with the authorities. The investigation is ongoing, with police trying to determine whether factors such as speed, alcohol or distracted driving played a role in the crash.

There are conflicting accounts about whether the BMW’s lights were on when the SUV struck it. Valentine told the police she did not see the vehicle or any hazard lights or headlights on, while survivors of the accident have claimed that the car’s lights were on.

Miramar police spokeswoman Tania Rues said, “When the first traffic officer responded to the scene, he stated that the area was very dark, the vehicle was shut off at that time and the lights were not on.”

Rues said the preliminary investigation indicates Valentine swerved in an attempt to avoid the accident. She also said it is possible that the bodies of the victims were blocking the vehicle’s lights before the crash.

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