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Florida Lawmakers Seek to Make Universal Dockless Bike-Share Regulations

If you’re one of the many bicyclists on Florida’s roads, you need to be aware of any new regulations regarding your form of transportation or pastime. The Law Offices of Chalik & Chalik offers details about how the state wants to create universal dockless bike-share regulations for those who bike-share throughout the state. How Does… read more

Faulty E-Cigarette Causes Injuries to Three Victims

On this episode of Florida Injury Report, we look at three separate cases where a defective e-cigarette causes injuries. [powerpress]

How An Appeals Court Helped A Slip and Fall Injury Victim

On this episode of Florida Injury Report, we look at the process an appeals court goes through when ruling a slip & fall case. [powerpress]

The Truth About Pedestrian Accidents

In this episode of Florida Injury Report, we look at pedestrian accidents and how and why they are caused. [powerpress]

Airports can be more dangerous than you might think

In this episode of Florida Injury Report, we look at slip and fall and other accidents that can occur at an airport. [powerpress]

What is Erb’s Palsy and Erb’s Paralysis

In this episode of Florida Injury Report, we look at the cause and effect of Erb’s palsy and Erb’s paralysis. [powerpress]

How To Stay Safe Through Florida’s Long Summer

In this episode of Florida Injury Report, we look at safety during a Florida summer. [powerpress]

The Great Multitasking Lie

In this episode of Florida Injury Report, we look at multitasking while driving and see how this causes dangerous roads. [powerpress]

How Lawsuits Are Helping Doctors Prevent Birth Injuries

Doctors and hospitals are using past lawsuits to avoid repeating mistakes that could put patients at risk and give rise to future claims. [powerpress]

Florida Motorcycle Accidents on the Rise in 2016

In this month’s podcast, we look at the rising number of motorcycle accidents in Florida. [powerpress]

Hoverboard Travelers Are Hovering Over Danger

As the product reportedly catches on fire, a number of retailers are pulling the products from their sites, and the federal Consumer Product Safety Commission is conducting an investigation. [powerpress]

What the Florida Supreme Court Said About a University of Miami Birth Injury Case

In this month’s podcast, the Florida Supreme Court Weighs in on a University of Miami birth injury case. [powerpress]

Safe Driving Resources for Teen Drivers

Chalik & Chalik wanted to share information on the best practices to teach new teen drivers.  You will find downloads to use in your discussions with your teen about the traffic laws and how to stay safe on the road.  Additionally, we have provided links to websites focused on helping parents teach their teens to… read more

Drug company sued for birth injuries

In this month’s Florida Injury Report, we talk about a Florida couple filing a personal injury lawsuit against pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline. [powerpress]

Where Do Slip and Fall Accidents Occur?

In this month’s injury report, we look at the top 10 places you are most likely to get a slip and fall injury. [powerpress]

One-third of Fatal Car Accidents Caused by Intoxicated Drivers

This month’s Florida Injury Report talks about how drunk drivers are causing one-third of fatal car accidents in the Nation. Two years ago, Florida experienced 676 fatalities caused by drivers with excessive blood alcohol limits. [powerpress]

Tips for Being Safe this Summer

Summer is a time to go outdoors. But it also involves dangers that can sometimes be avoided. In this month’s Florida Injury Report, we talk about ways to avoid slip and fall injuries during the summer. [powerpress]

Comparative Negligence for Slip and Fall Injuries in Florida

An injured person may be able to seek damages under Florida’s comparative negligence law even if they are partly at fault for reasons such as ignoring warning signs or posted notices to not enter certain areas of a property. [powerpress]

This Florida Hospital’s High Mortality Rate is Alarming

This Florida hospital’s mortality rate for child surgeries was a secret until CNN used the Freedom of Information Act to uncover shocking details. [powerpress]

Chalik & Chalik sponsors Survivors Scholarship

Chalik & Chalik Law Offices is proud to sponsor the Survivors Scholarship. The scholarship aims to assist individuals who have survived a serious medical diagnosis. We are proud to support these survivors as they move forward in their lives and pursue new opportunities. The $1,000 scholarship is open to those attending college or law school… read more