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How pregnant women can stay safe from slip and fall accidents

With a baby on board, pregnant women may find it more difficult to maintain balance and be surefooted. Pregnancy brings with it many bodily changes like a shift in the center of gravity, weight gain, a protruding belly, dizziness and loosening of ligaments. As a result, expectant mothers may be prone to falls. While there… read more

Palm Beach County plans health fairs to reduce slip and fall accidents

In an effort to tackle the large number of slip and fall accidents reported in Palm Beach County, Florida, officials announced three senior health fairs in January. Palm Beach County Fire Rescue said 87 percent of the 911 calls they received in 2015 were regarding medical emergencies. The most common calls they responded to involved… read more

Scientists to study impact of worn shoes on slip and fall accidents

University of Pittsburgh researchers received a $1.5 million grant from the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health to develop techniques for predicting the wear rate of footwear in order to reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents. The study is titled “Impact of Worn Shoes on Slipping.” The university’s Swanson School of Engineering… read more

Jury finds Florida woman at fault in Target slip-and-fall lawsuit

A Miami, Florida, woman was assigned 90 percent of the blame in a slip-and-fall lawsuit filed against Target Corp. in January 2014. Elvia Hernandez claimed she fell at a Target store in Miami after slipping on a “liquid or other similar foreign substance on the floor of the main aisle,” according to court documents. The… read more

Trump International Beach Resort faces slip and fall lawsuit

A Kentucky woman has filed a negligence lawsuit against Trump International Beach Resort luxury golf resort near Miami, Florida, claiming she was injured after falling in the pool area of the property. The slip and fall lawsuit was filed in a Miami-Dade County circuit court against Trump National Doral Miami, where the plaintiff was vacationing…. read more

Tiger Woods’ company confronted with slip-and-fall lawsuit

Tiger Woods is facing a slip-and-fall case filed by one of his former security guards, John Davis, who is also a retired police officer. While guarding Woods’ mansion in Jupiter Island, Florida on December 23, 2010, Davis slipped and fell on a marble walkway. As a result of the fall, Davis, who resides in Miami,… read more

Common Places Slip and Fall Accidents Occur

Fall accidents send roughly 8.9 million people to the emergency room each year, according to the National Safety Council (NSC). As one of the leading causes of unintentional injuries, it’s important for everyone to know where the dangers lie and take the simple yet necessary precautions to prevent injuries. Common Places for Slip and Fall… read more

Facts About Common Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents often lead to more than bruised egos. The National Safety Council reports that 8.9 million emergency room visits are made annually as a result of slip and fall accidents, which could involve injuries ranging from mild to catastrophic. In some cases, the injured party may be able to recover compensation from… read more

You May Be Able to Earn Compensation for Slip/Fall Accidents Caused By Lack of Supervision

Florida slip and fall accidents happen on a continual basis in a wide range of scary scenarios. These accidents account for over one million injuries every year in the U.S., while approximately 17,000 people die from their injuries. A slip and fall or trip and fall accident can happen in a wide variety of places… read more

Employees Need to Report Work Hazards to Reduce Fall Accidents

Workers get injured due to fall accidents every year. Unfortunately, these slip and fall injuries account for economical loss, pain and suffering, and even death in some cases. Because most of these injuries are generally preventable, workers need to learn how to identify trouble areas at the workplace and report any hazards to their employers…. read more

Slip and Fall Accident Injuries to Joints

As Fort Myers personal injury attorneys, we have represented victims of premises liability accidents in Florida for a number of injuries. While head injuries can be some of the most serious injuries that victims of falls may suffer from, joint injuries are often the most common. Shoulder injuries from slip and fall accidents in South… read more

Slips and Falls from Restaurant Hazards

When you go to a restaurant to eat, you often don’t think about the dangers that restaurants present. You are often hungry and want to get to your seat as fast as possible, and you may not be looking for dangerous flooring conditions, such as uneven ground, ripped or torn carpet, and spilled liquid. In… read more