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The Financial Responsibility Law in Florida

Anytime you go out on the road, you are at risk for an accident. In Florida, car accidents happen more frequently than almost any other place in the United States. It is important that you know how to protect yourself and what you need to do if you get in any kind of accident on… read more

UPDATE: Jessica Guevara Killed In Car Accident That Left Six Children Injured After Tire Blowout In Apollo Beach On Interstate 75 Freeway

Jessica Guevara Killed In Car Accident That Left Six Children Injured After Crash on Interstate 75 Freeway in Apollo Beach; Please Support The Family of the Victim By Donating the the GO FUND ME Page Set Up For Them  APOLLO BEACH, FLORIDA (October 15, 2016) – A 28 year old woman was killed in a car… read more

Teen faces felony charge for hit-and-run with injury

A teen from Cape Coral, Florida is held responsible for a hit-and-run collision took place on January 21, on the Midpoint Bridge. The teen, driving a 2011 Infiniti, struck the rear of a moped, causing the driver to be ejected from the bike. As reported in The News-Press, the 17-year-old driver left the scene of… read more

Potential for less accident protection litigation in Florida

After a motor vehicle accident, those who were injured need funds immediately to pay for medical bills. Under Florida law, auto insurers must provide a maximum of $10,000 of personal injury protection (PIP) in order to make certain that victims can access the healthcare that they need. It is possible to acquire such coverage regardless… read more

Can injured pregnant women benefit from care at trauma centers?

Around 8 percent of expectant mothers suffer traumatic injuries such as fractures and open wounds that typically arise from falls or car accidents. A recent study has suggested pregnant women who sustain traumatic injuries may experience better outcomes when treated at trauma centers instead of non-trauma hospitals. According to research published in the Journal of… read more

Driver negligence is the Cause of Most Car Crashes

A study by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found that mistakes on the part of drivers are the cause of 94 percent of all car accidents, and about 87 percent of drivers engage in unsafe behaviors. Meanwhile, the number of deaths from car accidents has risen sharply. In 2015, there were 38,300 fatalities and… read more

Florida seeks to prevent wrong-way auto crashes

Florida officials are looking for ways to prevent wrong-way car crashes, which occur with alarming frequency in the state. In April, a study published by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) found that 75 people were killed in 280 wrong-way crashes between 2009 and 2013 on Florida highways. Miami-Dade County accounted for 60 of those… read more

Teen Driver Risk

Inexperienced Teen Drivers Pose a Risk to Others on Florida Roads All drivers are potentially dangerous, possibly causing serious Florida car accidents involving you or your family members. These wrecks can cause serious injuries, such as broken bones or internal bleeding, and can even result in loss of life. Though any driver can cause a… read more

Watch This Campaign and You Will Never Drive Reckless Again

The holiday season brings a higher volume of drivers on the road in Fort Lauderdale. There are relatives and friends visiting others, there are holiday parties, and there are seasonal residents trying to escape the cold winter season up north. With a greater number of vehicles on the road – and people attending holiday parties… read more

7 of the Best Vehicles for Families

When you are buying a car for your family, safety is paramount. You want a car that’s safe, reliable, spacious, and affordable. U.S. News and World Report assesses the options on the market for families, and publishes a yearly list of the best cars for families for each vehicle class. U.S. News and World Report… read more

Dangerous Florida Intersections

Florida has a history of significant numbers of traffic accidents each year. Florida had the third highest number of traffic fatalities in the nation in 2012, second only to Texas and California, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. A new list published by TIME shows that Florida is, unfortunately, living up to its reputation. Of… read more

Florida Ranks Highest for Crashes Involving Drowning

Any car accident is dangerous, but one few people consider is driving into a body of water. According to a November 8, 2014 article in the Orlando Sentinel, more people drown in cars in Florida than in any other state. Car Accident Drownings Data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration cites Florida as the… read more

Broken Ribs in an Auto Accident in Florida

A broken or fractured rib is a very painful medical condition. When trauma to the chest occurs, a broken or fractured rib is a common result. Car accidents are one of the leading causes of trauma to the chest, and therefore one of the leading causes of broken ribs. If you need help recovering compensation… read more

It’s Not Too Late to Celebrate National Teen Driver Safety Week

Last week was National Teen Driver Safety Week, but it’s not too late to have a talk with your teens about driver safety. Specifically, here are some facts you need to know about teenage texting and driving. Teen Drivers Already Face an Increased Risk of Having a Car Accident  Teen drivers, even before texting is… read more

2017 Car Accident Statistics in South Florida

Car accidents occur every day in South Florida. Some are fender benders and lead to nothing more than scratches, while others result in devastating injuries that completely change the lives of the victims. While many accidents involve two or more cars, some involve only one or a variety of other vehicles present on the road…. read more

How To Obtain a Police Report After a Car Crash

If you’ve been in a car accident and need assistance obtaining a police report, making changes to an incorrect police report or filing a personal injury case for damages, an attorney can help. With a thorough understanding of car accident and personal injury law, the Ft. Lauderdale personal injury firm at Chalik & Chalik Law… read more

Car Accident While Pregnant: Is my baby okay?

For expecting mothers, nothing is more traumatizing than the thought of losing an unborn child. If you’ve been in a car accident while pregnant, you may have fears about whether or not your baby is going to be okay. After a car accident when pregnant, you should seek medical attention immediately. If either you or… read more

In a Car Accident in Florida with No Insurance

The state of Florida is a no-fault auto insurance state. This means that in the event of a motor vehicle accident, each driver’s own insurance policy is responsible for paying damages to the policyholder, regardless of fault. For persons involved in an accident without car insurance, knowing what to do can be frustrating. If you’ve… read more

The Facts of Facial Lacerations Cause by Car Accidents

When you are involved in a car accident in Fort Lauderdale, it is a blessing to come out alive. But many accident victims suffer disfiguring injuries. Some injuries cause mountains of medical bills, pain and suffering, and anguish. For example, if your airbag did not deploy during a car accident and you struck the steering… read more

Pros & Cons of Pre-Settlement Loans in Auto Crashes

Serious car accidents don’t only affect a family physically and emotionally, but also financially. When severe injuries occur, soaring medical bills and an inability to work can mean financial ruin. If you are filing or considering filing a claim or lawsuit to recover your losses after a car accident – and you have no other… read more