Parents and Cerebral Palsy Diagnosis

It doesn’t seem fair. Why did your baby suffer cerebral palsy? Why your family?  Sadly, there are some things in life that go unanswered and just don’t make sense. Although we know why this Florida birth injury occurred – due to negligent doctors – it still doesn’t make you feel any better.

Many parents of children who have suffered cerebral palsy are stuck on why this occurred to their child. Although this is a perfectly normal reaction to have, parents need to make sure they grieve, but then learn to focus on the “what can we do now” stage.

Because cerebral palsy occurs due to a doctor not acting efficiently, not making the correct calls during childbirth, or delaying a C-section, a baby can go too long without oxygen and suffer brain damage. Unfortunately, nothing a parent can do will rewind the clock and take the birth injury away.

  • After a Cerebral Palsy diagnosis, parents need to focus on the following things:Request the medical records and charts from the hospital. Collect any documents related to your labor and delivery, even medical charts from your pregnancy checkups leading up to childbirth.
  • If you have a video, watch the childbirth to see if you can see where the doctor delayed the birth of your son or daughter.
  • Contact a Fort Myers birth injury lawyer at Chalik & Chalik to investigate your case.
  • File a medical malpractice claim in Florida to obtain financial compensation for your family’s medical bills, ongoing medical care, therapy, pain and suffering, and more.

At Chalik & Chalik, we understand that the reality of your child’s birth injury has forever changed your family, and we want to help you seek justice and get the compensation your family deserves. Call us for a free consultation today at (888) 539-5297.