Beware of Garbage Trucks on Florida Roads

Accidents involving garbage trucks can cause injuries to other motorists, pedestrians, cyclists, children, and even garbage truck workers themselves.

When the term “truck accident” is used, the image that comes to mind most often is one of a tractor trailer colliding with a passenger vehicle on the highway. However, there are other types of truck accidents in South Florida that involve different types of trucks and happen in many different ways.

One type of truck accident that occurs often, although not as frequently as tractor-trailer crashes, involves a garbage truck. Because a garbage truck is a large vehicle that can cause serious damage and injuries when involved in a South Florida truck accident, garbage truck workers need to take extra precaution.

Garbage truck drivers need to make sure that they do not push the wrong buttons, overlook a car or person in their path, or drive too fast. Rather, they need to pay attention to their surroundings, drive carefully, focus on the task at hand, and activate their backup signals.

Garbage trucks are supposed to have working, audible warning signals that make noise when they back up. Sometimes a mechanical failure can cause the noise to be mute, leading to a garbage truck accident in South Florida. When the rear warning device malfunctions, or the truck driver does not activate the device, he may run over a child, pedestrian, or cyclist. Additionally, the truck may collide with a car or motorcycle that is hiding in the truck’s blind spots.

There are far too many occasions when:

  • A child gets struck by a garbage truck that is reversing
  • A pedestrian gets hit by a garbage truck while crossing the street
  • Other vehicles get backed up on by garbage trucks
  • A bicyclist gets run over
  • Garbage trucks plow into the rear of a car because they aren’t looking

If you were injured, or if your child or other family member was killed in a garbage truck accident in Florida, you need to speak with an attorney skilled in personal injury law. Find out your rights to a financial recovery. Although money may not help bring the loss of a loved one back, it may help you seek justice and teach the one who wronged your family a lesson to remember so that another family doesn’t have to suffer.