Should I Hire A Birth Injury Attorney?

Parents of injured children often struggle with questions such as – Should I hire an attorney to pursue compensation in a birth injury claim? The answer depends on the extent and cause of the injury.

An attorney can provide legal representation if a parent believes a doctor or hospital’s mistake caused a birth injury, such as Erb’s palsy or cerebral palsy. A Florida lawyer can help a parent pursue fair and adequate compensation in a birth injury claim or lawsuit. Hiring an attorney may improve a victim’s chances of securing a successful settlement or award.

Determining the Need to Hire an Attorney after a Birth Injury

Many attorneys will provide victims a free initial consultation to determine whether there are grounds for a birth injury case.

During this first meeting, the attorney and parent(s) may discuss matters including:

An attorney may then discuss the option to pursue a birth injury claim if he or she believes there are sufficient grounds and evidence for legal action. The parent has the right to hire the attorney that best suits his or her needs.

 Why an Attorney May be Necessary for a Claim

An attorney is positioned to handle all of the complex, detailed casework that otherwise might overwhelm a busy parent.

Some of the tasks an attorney can handle include:

Choosing a Florida Birth Injury Attorney

Birth injury claims benefit from attorneys experienced in similar cases. Factors to take into account when choosing an attorney include:

These are just a few of the examples of what to discuss in an initial consultation with a Florida birth injury attorney.

Additional Frequently Asked Questions