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Car Accidents & Their Common Injuries


What To Do After A Car Accident


The Importance of Auto Insurance


Causes Of Tire Defects


Signs Of Defective Tires


Tire Age Contributes To Defect Accidents


Filing A Tire Defect Claim


Responsibilities Of Tire Manufactures


Tire Recalls


Tire Recall Information


Slip, Trip & Fall Accidents


What To Do After A Slip, Trip Or Fall Injury


Birth Injuries


Advanced Maternal Age And Birth Defects


Birth Injury - Brachial Plexus


Signs & Symptoms Of Erb's Palsy


Fetal Distress - Standard Of Care


Birth Injury Caused By Foreceps


Gestational Diabetes And Pregancy


How Lack Of Oxygen Injuries Occur In Birth


Lack Of Oxygen In Birth - Resulting Injuries


Midwife Negligence


Birthing A Macrosomic (Large Fetus) Baby


Causes Of Fetal Macrosomia


Preeclampsia (High Blood Pressure) And Pregnancy


Signs & Symptoms Of Shoulder Dystocia


Birth Injury - Causes Of Shoulder Dystocia


Vacuum Extractor Injuries During Delivery


What Is An AGPAR Score?


Birth Injury - When to Contact An Attorney


NICA - Permanent Disability Fund For Birth Injury Babies


How NICA Can Affect Your Case


Parasailing Accidents


The White-Miskell Act - Parasailing Law


Chalik & Chalik Fights For Passage Of White-Miskell Act