Work Injuries

When on the job as a construction worker, laborer, or industrial worker in Florida, you can only hope that your employer has followed federal safety regulations, provided you with a hazard-free environment, trained you properly, and supplied you with well-maintained machinery and safety equipment.

However, all too often construction companies cut corners to save money, fail to follow state and federal construction laws, or simply neglect the safety and well-being of their employees.

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With offices located throughout Florida work injury attorneys Chalik & Chalik proudly represent those who have been seriously hurt or killed while on the job. While some construction site accidents and industrial injuries are not the fault of companies or employers, many on-the-job injuries could have been prevented if not for someone else’s carelessness or negligence.

Important! If you have been injured while on the job and it was not your fault, someone else could be responsible for your medical bills, lost wages, loss of future earnings, disabilities, and pain and suffering.

We handle South Florida construction site accidents, worker accidents, and industrial accidents that involve:

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An on-the-job injury can be devastating for a worker who relies on their physical health to bring home a paycheck and support their family. A serious injury can cost a worker more than hospital bills and medical costs – it can keep a person out of work for a significant amount of time or even ruin their career for good.

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In many cases, a company, contractor, sub-contractor, material supplier, or equipment manufacturer are responsible for the worker accident and injury that took place. All of these people, companies and entitles have a responsibility to keep workers reasonably safe from harm. Both for your future security and for the future safety of your coworkers, whoever caused your worker accident should be held accountable for their actions.

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A major on-the-job accident can leave you seriously injured—and threaten your future.

Too often, companies cut corners to save money and help their bottom lines. The result? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, an estimated 150,000 construction workers and laborers are seriously injured each year and over 1,000 people in the industry die each year while on the job. On average, one in ten construction workers are injured in some way during any given year in Florida. Some of these workers will face significant medical costs and weeks or months of lost wages, while others might find themselves unable to return to work at all.

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