Slip and Fall in a Grocery Store

Grocery Stores Often Found Liable for Slip-and-Fall Accidents

You have most likely heard about a story on the news regarding a man or woman falling on a slippery floor at the grocery store. Although you may not think any serious injuries can come from this type of accident, you may be in for a surprise if or when the same situation affects you or someone in your family. This instance is a case of Florida premises liability.

When something like this occurs, the grocery store manager, owner, or company may have been negligent in their duties. Grocery stores are supposed to keep aisles clean, floors mopped, and objects out of the pathway. When something is not done correctly, it can create a dangerous environment for customers in the grocery store.

Every grocery store should have rules in place for spilled liquids and warning customers about wet surfaces. Whether cones are placed out or the area is cautioned off with warning signs, the wet floor needs to be cleaned up immediately. When this is not done properly, it can lead to a Fort Lauderdale slip-and-fall accident and injuries.

Spilled Liquids Can Harm Grocery Store Customers

When a milk carton springs a leak and causes a pool of liquid to collect under that specific section, the next customer who walks by this area could be affected. When people do not see liquid on the floor, their feet can come out from under them and cause them to fall to the ground.

People can be seriously injured in Florida slip-and-fall accidents. Injuries can range from bruises and contusions to broken bones, ligament injuries, tissue injuries, head trauma, and more. If you hit your head in a South Florida slip-and-fall accident, you may sustain head trauma or brain damage. It is important to get to a doctor immediately and get checked out for potential injuries.

Under Florida law, innocent people injured in these types of accidents have legal rights to recover financial damages from those responsible. If the grocery store is found liable for your injuries in your South Florida slip and fall, you may collect compensation for medical expenses, physical therapy, ongoing medical care, surgery costs, and missed wages.

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