Man Arrested After Leaving The Scene Of An Accident To Stash Drugs

Florida has laws regarding what a driver must do following an accident. One of those laws requires a person to remain at the scene of the accident until the police arrive. Leaving the scene of an accident that involves only property damage can be charged as misdemeanor hit-and-run. If the accident involves injuries, then leaving the scene can be charged as a third-degree felony, which is punishable by up to 5 years in prison. Lastly, leaving the scene of an accident resulting in death is a first-degree felony, punishable by up to 30 years in prison.

ABC News reports on a man who admitted to police that he left the scene of an accident to stash drugs at his home.

37-year-old Terrence Pressey was arrested by police last week after he allegedly told officers that he left the scene of a deadly crash last fall to go home and stash drugs.

The crash occurred last fall in Dania Beach, where Pressey hit 53-year-old Madhusudan Bhetwal as he crossed the street. Bhetwal died at the scene. Pressey did contact 911 after the crash and remained on the phone with the 911 dispatcher as he returned to the scene.

Initially, Pressey told authorities that he left the scene to drop off his passenger, but he later retracted that statement and admitted that he was alone. He then said he had returned home to stash a small amount of marijuana.

Last Thursday, Pressey was arrested and charged with leaving the scene of a deadly accident and possession of marijuana. He is being held on $20,000 bond.

Authorities did not explain why they waited nearly five months after the crash to arrest Pressey.