Latest Tesla Crash Shows Same Problems As Earlier Crash

Tesla CEO Elon Musk may be providing a high-end vehicle for those that have the money. Some critics, however, say that the way the company advertises its autopilot function may be causing accidents. Drivers may think that the autopilot mode, available on some Tesla models, allows them to go hands-free and that the car will basically drive itself. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case and despite the fact that Tesla says that drivers should remain in control of their vehicles at all times, people are using the autopilot feature and getting into accidents. According to Wired, the latest Tesla crash looks very similar to a previous crash.

According to the National Transportation Safety Board, the Tesla Model 3 that crashed into a semi-truck in March had its autopilot feature engaged before the accident. That driver is the fourth person to die in an autopilot-related Tesla crash.

The first crash, which occurred in May 2016, occurred in a way very similar to the more recent March 1st crash. Both vehicles hit a semi-trailer that crossed into the vehicles’ paths. Both vehicles also had their autopilot feature engaged at the time of the crash.

CEO Elon Musk has bragged about the autos’ self-driving capabilities, going so far as to promise that they will be fully autonomous by next year. However, critics say that the autopilot system, which requires the drivers to stay alert and ready to take control of the car doesn’t do enough to keep its driver’s attention on the road.

Tesla has also been accused of making the system seem more capable than it really is. The Model 3 that had been involved in the latest crash was even equipped with cameras, which should have detected the truck as it pulled into the car’s path.