Deadly Crash Involves 5 Vehicles, 3 Of Them Motorcycles

Several states, including Florida, require a separate driver’s license for the operation of motorcycles that can travel over a certain speed. Those wishing to drive a motorcycle must apply for and obtain this specific kind of license. First, they must pass an examination which tests their knowledge of motorcycles and motorcycle traffic laws. They must then demonstrate the ability to exercise ordinary and reasonable control. If under the age of 21, they must also provide proof that they have completed a motorcycle safety course. Despite this testing, accidents still occur, as WCTV reports.

The Florida Highway Patrol is investigating a crash involving five vehicles, three of them being motorcycles.

According to the agency, a Kia Soul and a Chevy Silverado were heading southbound on US-41. A group of Harley Davidson motorcycles traveling north on US-41 attempted to pass a vehicle that was heading in the same direction.  Three of the motorcycles were unable to pass the vehicle in time, which caused them to collide with first the Kia and then the Chevy.  Four people involved in the crash were taken to a Gainesville hospital with varying injuries. Two of them had injuries that required they be airlifted.

One of the motorcyclists was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. He was identified as 55-year-old Tony Mead of Homosassa. The accident is still under investigation.