16 Year Old Could See Felony Charges After Causing Deadly Accident

In Florida, the law differentiates between negligent driving, which subjects a person to civil liability, while criminal driving conduct can subject a person to criminal sanctions such as incarceration. Vehicular homicide is an example of an instance where a person causes the death of another person by operating a motor vehicle in a manner that is reckless and likely to cause harm. Vehicular homicide is a second-degree felony in Florida. A person convicted of vehicular homicide may serve a period of up to 15 years in state prison, fifteen years of probation, and a fine of up to $10,000.

Local 10 News reports on a 16-year-old facing vehicular homicide and other charges after driving without a license and causing a wreck that killed his passenger.

16-year-old Lazaro Sanchez was arrested on Tuesday. He is being charged as an adult for his role in a Homestead crash that killed 15-year-old Shandel Mio, who was riding in the front passenger seat of the vehicle Sanchez allegedly stole. Sanchez along with three other people in the vehicles involved in the crash was also hurt.

The accident happened last August when Sanchez was driving a Toyota Scion without a license. The car was driving down 112th Avenue when it crossed into oncoming traffic, slamming into two other vehicles.

Sanchez will be tried as an adult. He is facing one felony count of driving with a suspended license involving death, reckless vehicular homicide, and grand theft of a vehicle. He appeared in court on Wednesday, where he was placed on house arrest. He will only be permitted to attend school, religious services, and doctors appointments.