News - Bus Accidents

Bus Swerves To Avoid Car, Hits Tree. Riders Injuired

For the most part, taking a bus to get around town is much safer, statistically speaking, than driving your own vehicle. Drivers who operate city and state transportation buses normally must obtain a commercial driver’s license, which usually requires stricter and more comprehensive testing than a normal driver’s license. Most of the accidents that involve… read more

Field Trip Bus Crash Injures Over 30 Students

Charter buses are a great way to travel and for the most part, they are safe. The drivers are usually experienced and are required to have a commercial driver’s license (CDL). These licenses usually require additional training for drivers to attain this license specification. Interstate charter buses, also known as motorcoaches, are required to have… read more

Driver Tries To Pass Vehicle, Strikes Bus Head-On

There are many circumstances that can lead a person to lose control of their vehicle. Speed, distracted driving, adverse road conditions, and having to swerve to miss another vehicle or obstacle in the road. In order to stay safe if you’ve found yourself out of control in your vehicle, the first thing to do is… read more

Man Assists In Truck Fire, But Gets His Vehicle Stolen In Return. Thief Arrested.

Most people, when witnessing an accident, their first instinct is to pull over and try and help those involved, if able. We call these people “good Samaritans” and many jurisdictions have laws protecting them from prosecution or civil liability in the event that their actions, in trying to assist another, cause harm. Wahile that instinct… read more

Baseball team charter bus involved in deadly accident

The charter bus for the baseball team at Hiram College was involved in a deadly accident in Pasco County, Florida. The bus was headed south on I-75 from Ohio. According to Sergeant Steve Gaskins of Florida Highway Patrol, among the 38 passengers on the Hiram bus, no one suffered any injuries. However, an 81-year-old woman… read more