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Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport is a public airport 18 miles northwest of Panama City, in Bay County. It is owned by the Panama City-Bay County Airport and Industrial District. It is located at 6300 W Bay Parkway, Panama City, Florida. The airport is north of Panama City Beach, close to West Bay. It took the place of Panama City-Bay County Airport, which was situated in Panama City.

It is the first international airport in the United States that was planned and constructed since the September 11 attacks. There are presently no scheduled international flights because of the small population in the neighboring areas and the mainly regional and/or national demand for trips to Panama City.

Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport is also home to three major airlines:

Passengers who land at Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport have a choice of six different auto rental companies from which to rent a car:

The airport can be a very hectic and busy environment, with passengers hurrying to try to make certain that they board their plane at the correct gate. While they are checking in, checking their luggage, retrieving their luggage from baggage claim and trying to rent a car, they may encounter obstacles that can cause them to slip and fall.

Some of the more typical causes of slip and fall injuries at airports are:

Here are some common injuries that can result from slip and fall injuries:

If you have suffered these or similar injuries from a slip and fall accident at Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport, you may be able to secure compensation for your loss, such as the following:

There are generally two issues that Chalik & Chalik Injury Lawyers consider when handling a slip and fall accident at Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport. One is identifying the correct party or parties to the accident. The second issue is one of notice, or whether the party who is responsible was aware of the defective condition, or should have been aware of it.

If an airport is owned and managed by a city, which is a government entity, there could be issues of immunity from liability. In slip and fall accidents, the basis of liability is negligence in the care, custody and control of real property or things attached to airport property.

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