T-Bone Collision Accident Lawyer Fort Lauderdale, FL

T-bone collisions occur when one vehicle runs into the side of another vehicle. These accidents are very common at intersections in Fort Lauderdale. They can leave you dealing with injuries and damage to your vehicle.

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Information About T-Bone Collisions in Fort Lauderdale

T-bone collisions – also called side impact collisions – can be incredibly dangerous. This is because the sides of your vehicle do not offer as much protection as the front and the back. Lower levels of structural protection mean that injuries are more likely to occur.

Getting hit in the side also increases the odds that you will experience certain kinds of injuries. Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), for example, are especially common in T-bone accidents in Fort Lauderdale.

Factors That Lead to T-Bone Accidents in Florida

Many T-bone accidents occur at intersections in Fort Lauderdale. Drivers may cause a side impact collision if they:

Drivers are more likely to cause a T-bone collision if they are speeding as they approach the intersection. Distracted drivers who are not paying attention to other drivers can also be responsible for a side impact collision. Additionally, a number of T-bone wrecks are caused by drunk drivers who should not be behind the wheel.

Injuries Associated with T-Bone Collisions

We mentioned earlier that T-bone collisions are very likely to result in traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). These accidents can also leave you dealing with common injuries like:

As you can see, the results of a side impact collision can be incredibly severe. The exact severity of your collision could depend upon a number of different factors, including:

Additionally, T-bone collisions sometimes lead to secondary accidents, as your car could be pushed into the path of additional vehicles.

Get Compensation for Your Medical Expenses

You can start getting the compensation you need to cover your medical bills after a side impact collision through your personal injury protection (PIP) policy. This policy is part of your car insurance and you must use it first when you are injured in an accident in Fort Lauderdale. Your PIP coverage can offer you:

Here at the Law Offices of Chalik & Chalik, we understand that these amounts may not be enough to fully cover your losses following a T-bone collision. Fortunately, we may be able to help you pursue additional compensation.

Increasing Your Compensation After a T-Bone Accident

Florida uses no-fault rules to govern car accident causes. This means that, generally, you must rely only on your own insurance to cover your medical expenses, property repair costs, and lost wages at work. However, if you experience a severe injury, you are allowed to seek additional compensation.

You can work to get higher damages by filing a personal injury claim or a personal injury lawsuit. A car accident lawyer in Fort Lauderdale can go over your case to see if these options would work for you. If you pursue compensation in this way, your lawyer will need to show that:

Proving these facts can require your lawyer to begin investigating your case immediately. The team at the Law Offices of Chalik & Chalik can get to work for you today. We can:

Let us support you every step of the way to increase the odds that you can get maximum compensation for your losses.

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