What Are Road Alligators?

People in Florida constantly cross paths with alligators, and we are not just referring to animals. In fact, road alligators are often in the middle of the roadway and on the side of the highway. So, what are we talking about? A rubber on the road is known as a “road alligator” because of its appearance. Tire chunks are frequently found on the shoulder or in the middle of the street after a tire blows out, shreds, or sustains tread separation.

When the belt, tread, or bead are not designed or manufactured properly, then tire defects occur, which often leads to tread separation or a blowout and car accident in South Florida.

Because tires are made up of several components, they all need to be working together perfectly for drivers to stay safe on the road. Over the years, there have been many tires that have been recalled because they were manufactured with flaws and defects, causing serious accidents and injuries to many motorists.

Tire Defects

One of the most common reasons why tires are recalled is due to tire tread separation. When the steel belt is not bonded with the rubber properly, the tire may not be as strong and cause the tread to separate from the belt. When this occurs, it causes a tire blowout and the possibility of a serious car accident in Palm Beach and throughout this nation.

Dangers of tread separation and tire blowouts include:


The National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration (NHTSA) indicates that approximately 42,000 people lose their lives each year across this nation on our highways, and many of these fatalities are caused by tire defects, such as tread separation.

What to Do When You See Road Alligators?

Many drivers have been injured by swerving into another lane to avoid road alligators. Other drivers have brought their cars to a screeching halt to avoid driving over tire chunks. In either case, drivers can get into Florida car accidents by trying to avoid the tire pieces in their lanes.

Many authorities and law enforcement indicate that the best thing a driver can do is to drive over tire chunks and debris in his or her own lane so that an accident can be avoided.