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Are Your General Tires a Hazard?

The Continental Tire company’s General brand line of tires have been in the midst of an extensive recall for over a decade now. We have already mentioned their negligence in offering defective products in an earlier post on Continental tire recalls. Since 2002, their General tire products have been popping up in news stories for… read more

Nexen Tires are Failing Consumers, Causing Accidents

While customers have been complaining about Nexen Tires, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) still hasn’t issued a recall on these dangerous tires. Nexen manufacturers several types of tires, the Nexen CP671(2), the Nexen N5000, and the Nexen Roadian HP. As of May 23, 2015, twelve complaints to the NHTSA have been filed regarding Nexen… read more

Car Accidents Caused by Tire Failure

Car accidents are far too common but some can be prevented. According to, nearly 11,000 accidents a year are caused by tire failure. While some of these may be caused by aging tires, a car accident caused by tire failure could be the result of a defective tire offered for sale. Tire failure an… read more

Goodyear Recalls 48,500 Fortera HL Tires

Cracks in tire tread can increase the risk of a tire blowout when the vehicle is in operation. It can lead to loss of tire pressure, then tire failure, and then an accident in some cases. Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company recently announced a recall of 48,512 Fortera HL P255/65R18 109S tires because of cracks… read more

2014’s Most Dangerous Tires

2014 was a big year for tire recalls with 55 – the most since 2008. Toyo Tires U.S.A. Corp. had the most tires recalled with 2,454,340 tires spread over 14 recalls. American Pacific Industries Inc. had the most recalls at 18, and ITG Voma Corporation also saw 664,230 tires recalled. Tire recalls are almost always for… read more

NHTSA Asked to Conduct Investigation on Hercules Tires

In August 2013, 24-year-old Krystal Cantu lost her left arm in a rollover accident caused by the faulty Capitol Precision Trac II tire on the 2004 Ford Explorer Sport Trac in which she was riding. As a result of that accident, ITG Voma recalled 95,000 Capitol Precision Trac II tires in October of that year…. read more

Tire Defects: Moisture and Foreign Matter Cured into the Tire

When objects or moisture is trapped in the tire during the curing process, it can cause tread or belt separations, which can lead to blowouts and accidents. Tire companies have a responsibility to ensure the tires they manufacture are safe and free from defects. If they make a mistake and their defects cause a consumer… read more

Road Conditions Contribute to Tire-Related Accidents

Many accidents that occur in Florida annually are linked to tire failures or tire blowouts. Tire failures are often the result of inadequate tire pressure, tire tread separation or other factors. However, in some cases, tire failures and tire-related accidents are caused by road conditions like those listed below. Potholes  You may try your best… read more

Internal Tire Repair Failure Can Cause Casing Separation

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) approximates that every year, tire failures causes 11,000 motor vehicle crashes. Some of the most common causes of tire failure include the following.  tread separation. blowouts. bald tires. and, underinflated tires. When a tire isn’t repaired correctly, it can put you at great risk for accident and injury…. read more

Peeled Cap on Radial and Bias Tires May Cause Accidents

Peeled caps on radial and bias tires can cause blowouts and accidents. Often, the cause of a peeled cap is loss of adhesion of the cap from the tire casing during the retreading processes. If all of these terms sound a bit foreign to you, read on for an explanation of what a peeled cap… read more

Taking Legal Action Following a Defective Tire Accident

Defective tire accidents often give rise to personal injury lawsuits that use the legal theory of strict product liability. The theory holds that manufacturers are liable for their products even if they showed reasonable care in making the product. Plaintiffs don’t have to show the manufacturer was negligent. To collect compensation for their damages, plaintiffs… read more

Defective Tires Cause Injury and Harm

Consumer safety should be at the top of tire manufacturers’ list of concerns, but often, it’s simply not. Unfortunately, when manufacturers and distributors don’t ensure their tires are up to snuff, they can release defective and faulty tires that have the potential to cause serious injuries and fatalities. In one out of every 11 crashes,… read more

Aging Tires

What is Considered Aging in Tires?  What Are the Signs? Many people think that if they get a frequent oil change and watch their check-engine light, they are doing a good job maintaining their vehicle. As a result, many believe they are safe driving their car and have little chance of being in a Florida… read more

Gathering Evidence for a Florida Defective Tire Accident

Knowing the steps to take after an accident related to a defective tire can make the difference between a successful injury claim and one that does not hold up to scrutiny. If you were recently injured in an automotive accident that you suspect was caused by tire failure, contact a lawyer to help protect your… read more

Causes of Ozone Cracking

We all notice when a new line appears on our face due to aging, but not everyone notices when their tires start getting lines or cracks from age or from other elements. When this happens, it is possible that ozone cracking in tires has occurred. There are three main causes of ozone cracking: Defects in… read more

Signs Of Defective Tires

 Top Signs of Defective Tires Recognizing the signs of defective tires may help prevent tire failure and serious car accidents. It also may help you understand what led to your auto accident and injuries. If you believe a tire defect was responsible for your crash, talk to an attorney about the details of your accident…. read more