Watch This Campaign and You Will Never Drive Reckless Again

The holiday season brings a higher volume of drivers on the road in Fort Lauderdale. There are relatives and friends visiting others, there are holiday parties, and there are seasonal residents trying to escape the cold winter season up north. With a greater number of vehicles on the road – and people attending holiday parties where alcohol is served – the risk of an accident may increase around the holidays.

A video by the Australian Transport Accident Commission should be essential viewing for all motorists. The Australian TAC released it in 2009 to mark the 20th anniversary of its first ad, but it stays relevant every year.

Designed as a montage of video footage from past traffic safety campaigns by the Transport Accident Commission, the video starts with shots of friends sharing a drink, people dancing at a club, and more. It then depicts devastating and sometimes graphic footage of accidents and their aftermath. The clips include not only the injured victims, but also the families the dead leave behind.

This video should remind us all to stay safe this holiday season. But over the holiday season, Americans will share the roads with drivers who don’t take precautions. They might be drunk, fatigued, distracted, speeding or otherwise reckless.

Holiday Driving Safety Tips

Don’t drive if you had a few alcoholic beverages. Instead, call for a ride or make arrangements to stay overnight at the party venue.  If you are hosting a party, make sure you have nonalcoholic options for guests. If guests are intoxicated, be a responsible host and make arrangements for guests to get home. You can call for a taxi service or get sober guests to drive intoxicated persons home.

Look for safe or less crowded routes to get home. See if you arrive at and leave the office a little earlier every day to avoid the times of the day when the roads are most congested.

It’s not just motorists who are at a heightened risk of accidents this season. The number of pedestrian shoppers increases during the holiday season With greater volumes of pedestrians as well as vehicles on or around the roads, the risk for an accident can go up. Stay aware of your surroundings at all times while walking, and avoid walking at night or in dimly lit areas.

If are involved in an accident this holiday season, you may recover damages. Compensation could address medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering. Speak to a car accident lawyer at Chalik & Chalik for help filing your claim. Call 855-529-0269 to set up your consultation.