Minimize Your Chances of a Car Wreck with 5 Safety Tips

It seems like there is always road construction taking place on the city street you want to turn down or on the interstate you are traveling on. Although it may be annoying and challenging to drive around, it can also be extremely dangerous to travel in such work and construction zones.

Many auto accidents actually take place in maintenance, construction, or utility work zone areas. This is often due to the fact that there are cones, construction equipment, flashing lights, and temporary markers making things confusing for drivers; however, drivers often do not slow down – causing the majority of these crashes.

Things you can do to help minimize your chances of being injured in a work zone crash include:

  1. Pay extra attention while traveling through these areas.
  2. Slow down and pay attention when lanes start merging or narrowing.
  3. Obey temporary speed zone signs posted for that construction zone.
  4. Follow the flaggers’ hand signals.
  5. Obey the temporary markers.

The number-one reason for drivers getting injured in work zone crashes is driver inattention. Remember, when traveling through a work zone, pay extra attention as there may be fewer lanes, construction vehicles entering the roadway, and heavy machinery close to traffic.

If you were injured in a car accident due to someone else’s negligence, you may have rights to financial compensation. Make sure your rights are protected, and talk with a skilled accident attorney at Chalik & Chalik at (855) 529-0269 in a free, no-obligation legal consultation.