The Future of Spare Tires: Some New Cars Don’t Come with Them

Most car owners assume they can find spare tires in the trunks of their vehicles. They rely on it being there in the event of a flat tire. But today, more and more cars are being sold with a tire inflation kit instead of a spare tire. If you’re car shopping, here is what you need to know about a tire inflation kit vs. a spare tire.

Why tire inflation kits? 

Many cars are being sold with a tire inflation kit in the trunk of the car, rather than a spare tire. According to a article, the tire inflation kits are replacing the tires themselves in order to save on weight and fuel, making the cars more economical. A 40 to 50 pound tire, plus a tire jack, is heavy. When a car carries that weight, miles per gallon is reduced. A tire inflation kit is lightweight, and can help to repair minor punctures.

A Tire Inflation Kit isn’t Always the Best Option 

While keeping a tire inflation kit in the trunk instead of a spare tire can help to save on gas mileage, a tire inflation kit isn’t always the best option. While the kits can be used to repair minor punctures in tires, they can’t be used for major tire damage, such as a slice in the tire’s sidewall. As such, if major damage to a tire occurs, a driver may be left stranded and calling for help if they don’t have a spare on hand.

Sometimes, a tire inflation kit might also be defective, which could lead to a tire “repair” that isn’t actually repaired, but dangerous instead. If this happens, the manufacturer of the tire, the tire repair kit, or anyone else responsible for the defect may be liable if the defect causes an accident and injuries.

Purchasing a Spare Tire 

Having a spare tire in your trunk is a good idea for many drivers, and can be essential in the event that a major tire problem occurs, such as a sidewall tear or tire blowout.

However, because many new cars are being sold without a spare tire in the trunk these days, you may have to purchase the tire yourself. The cost of a spare tire can range from $100 to $300 or more. If you’re buying a spare, know how to identify defective tires before you buy.

Before purchasing a new car and then deciding to pay for the tire spare cost out-of-pocket, negotiate with a car dealer over the cost of the tire. In some cases, a dealer will reduce the cost of your vehicle by the cost of a spare tire, or throw in a spare tire as part of the deal.

Contact a Tire-related Accident Attorney in Florida Today

As mentioned above, some tire inflation kits or tires may contain a defect, and a defect can lead to an accident and injuries. If you’re ever involved in an accident caused by a defective tire or tire kit, speak with an attorney.

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