Causes of Tire Bead Failures: Who is liable for injuries?

Tire defects can lead to tire failures, which can significantly increase the risk of an accident when the car is in operation. One of the more serious causes of tire failure is a tire bead failure.

Causes of Tire Bead Failures 

The tire bead is the part of the tire that sits on the wheel. Air pressure keeps it in place. Any defect during the manufacturing or the mounting stages can result in a tire failure or explosion. Low air pressure could also play a role in a tire bead failure; if the pressure is not sufficient to hold it in place, the bead could come out of place and the tire may separate from the wheel.

Shoddy manufacturing or design may contribute to a bead failure in some cases. Errors matching the tire to the rim can also cause bead failure. For instance, some mechanics may not be familiar with the installation of certain types of wheels, and that can contribute to a mismatch between the tire and wheel, resulting in an unsafe tire.

Problems with the mounting or demounting process might also contribute to the failure. In a case like this, the bead may collapse even if air pressure is within the manufacturer-recommended range.

When the tire bead fails, it can cause a tire blowout that can lead to severe accidents, including rollovers. This can cause significant injuries and medical bills, not to mention other damages like reduced wages or earning capacity, or pain and suffering. Those injured may explore options to recover compensation.

Who is liable in a claim for tire bead failure? 

If you suffered injuries in an accident caused by tire failure, an investigation will reveal the cause of the failure. Different parties may be liable in your claim, depending on the type of defect. For instance, you may name the tire manufacturer in your claim if the tire contained manufacturing defects. A mechanic may be liable for incorrect installation of a tire or wheel.

Before identifying the parties responsible for the failure and your injuries, an attorney will conduct a complete investigation of the accident, including analyzing the physical evidence of the damaged tire.

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