5 Top Tire Retreading Companies in Florida

Retreading tires instead of purchasing new tires is an economical option as it reduces environmental waste and saves you money. However, to ensure your safety, you’ll only want to go to a well-established, reputable company for retreading. Select a trustworthy, high-quality manufacturer to ensure your tires are safe.

Modern Tire Dealer’s Top 5

Every year, Modern Tire Dealer magazine, a reputable tire industry information source for nearly a century, publishes a list of the leading retreaders in the United States. They rate the companies and provide points based on the average amount of rubber they use to retread certain tires.

In 2013, five companies in Florida made MTD’s list. While our firm can’t personally vouch for them, these companies might be worth considering if they are in your area:

  • Boulevard Tire Center in Deland – 5 shops; 2,730 points;
  • Callaghan Tire in Bradenton – 2 shops; 1,224 points;
  • Day & Night Tire Service in Lakeland – 1 shop; 797 points;
  • McGee Tire Stores Inc. in Lakeland – 1 shop; 545 points; and
  • Comcar Industries Inc. in Auburndale – 1 shop; 385 points.

BBB-Accredited Retreading Companies

Another way to located reputable retreading companies is through the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Companies that choose to become accredited by the BBB are held to high standards, must maintain a positive track record, and have a history of handling disputes quickly and in good faith.

You can search the BBB’s online directory for any type of company within any give locale. Performing a search for tire retreading companies in Southeast Florida produces three results:

  • Atlantic Tire Center, Inc. – 1380 SE Monterey Rd., Stuart, FL; accredited since 1993; A+ rating.
  • Gold Coast Tire of Coconut Creek, Inc. – 1509 Lyons Road, Coconut Creek, FL; accredited since 2010; A+ rating.
  • The Tire Choice & Total Car Care – 2400 E. Commercial Blvd., #1050, Fort Lauderdale, FL; accredited since 2009; A+ rating.

Just because a company isn’t on the BBB list doesn’t make it uncreditable, per se, because accreditation is voluntary. However, it may be a good starting point when looking for a local, trustworthy retreading company.

Tire-Related Auto Accidents 

Some folks are leery about retreading tires for fear they are of poorer quality than original tires and may cause tire blowouts. However, Utah State University reports that so long as they are properly manufactured and maintained, retreads are just as safe as virgin tires.

There are a lot of regulations on tires and performance because defects can be deadly. Should a company sell faulty tires – whether new or retreaded – and it causes an accident, the company can be held liable for any subsequent injuries.

If you or a loved one were in a tire-related accident, you’ll want to discuss your case with a local defective tire attorney. You may be eligible to file a personal injury or wrongful death claim against the manufacturer to recover your damages.

Consult with a Florida Defective Tire Lawyer

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