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Truck Accident Evidence Preservation

Evidence Preservation at Truck Accident Scene When you are involved in a Florida truck crash, critical injuries can occur to you and your passengers. In the midst of dealing with the pain of your injuries and trying to heal, you also have to deal with insurance companies during this difficult time. Sometimes insurance adjusters are… read more

Truck Accident Case Process

What to Expect in Your Truck Accident Case If you’re reading this, you have probably been the victim of a truck accident in Florida, and you’re wondering what to do next. You may be in pain and unable to work, or lost your car after it was totaled in the crash. With all these things… read more

Internal Injuries Caused in Truck Wrecks

Some truck accidents produce mild-to-moderate damages, but the majority of car and truck accidents in Florida are violent in nature and create serious damages and injuries to people. Because of a semi truck’s size and weight, occupants in the other vehicles are typically the ones injured when cars and trucks collide. Injuries that often occur… read more

Fort Lauderdale Truck Accident Injury Claim

The 3-Step Process to Filing a Claim After a Fort Lauderdale Truck Accident With as many 18-wheelers as we have driving on area roads, it is no mystery why Fort Lauderdale truck accidents happen all the time. Due to the weight and speed these big rigs bring to a collision with smaller vehicles, catastrophic injuries or… read more

Commercial Truck Accident Compensation

Steps You Need to Take in Order to Receive Compensation After a Florida Commercial Truck Accident If you read our earlier article about the types of commercial trucks that can cause accidents in Florida you know that these vehicles pose a near constant threat to those around them on the road. You may also know… read more

Truck Accident Statistics in the U.S.

Semi-trucks are responsible for transporting necessary goods across the country. Without these trucks, many of us wouldn’t have access to the food, gasoline, and other products that we use each and every day. Unfortunately, however, while these large trucks provide benefits to all, they also pose a danger to others traveling nearby on the roads…. read more

Are Florida Truckers Cheating on Their Log Books?

Truck drivers have to abide by the Hours of Service regulations that the federal and state governments have in place. However, they also have deadlines to meet that are set by their trucking companies. Sometimes, traffic, harsh weather, or delays at the shipper’s or receiver’s facilities can set a trucker back, causing him to work… read more

Safe Driving Tips for Sharing the Road with Tractor-Trailer Trucks

The United States interstate system allows for trucking companies to haul cargo from coast to coast, keeping our economy running and delivering many of the products we take for granted every day. Along with the benefit of large trucks, there is also an inherent danger. If you drive on the roads of Florida, you will… read more

Beware of Garbage Trucks on Florida Roads

Accidents involving garbage trucks can cause injuries to other motorists, pedestrians, cyclists, children, and even garbage truck workers themselves. When the term “truck accident” is used, the image that comes to mind most often is one of a tractor trailer colliding with a passenger vehicle on the highway. However, there are other types of truck… read more

Reduced Driving Time for Interstate Truckers May Decrease South Florida Accidents

When people work from home, or even at an office, they can shut their eyes when they are feeling tired; however, truck drivers do not have this same luxury. When a trucker closes his eyes at work, even for a little bit, he can cause a serious South Florida truck accident due to the sheer… read more

Long Road Trips and Sleep Problems Lead to Drowsy Driving and South Florida Truck Crashes

Many of us have taken long road trips, either moving to another state or just for the pure fun of exploring different places. Either way, we know that driving long periods of time can make a driver have tunnel vision and feel exhausted at the wheel. We may turn to drinking coffee, rolling down the… read more

Tips to Help Avoid Florida Aggressive Driving Truck Crashes

Aggressive driving plays a role in about one third of all auto accidents each year in the U.S. That means aggressive driving is at least a factor in nearly 1,000 deaths and 150,000 injuries each year. Aggressive driving on the part of truck drivers, which involves negligent actions that put others in danger, can cause… read more

Call a Lawyer if You Have Been Injured by a Truck Driver with a Fraudulent Commercial License

Some truck drivers are legal, doing everything they can to drive safely and avoid Florida truck accidents. Other drivers, however, fraudulently obtain their commercial license, getting behind the wheel without proper training or understanding of the law. These illegal drivers, put into work by unscrupulous trucking companies, pose a much greater risk of causing a… read more

How Can Truckers NOT Be Insured? Insurance Rules in Florida Truck Crashes

After surviving a truck crash in Florida, you may think the worst is over. You’ve been injured and the pain is intense, but there’s no way you’re going to have to pay for your injuries… right? Believe it or not, there have been cases where victims of truck accidents had to pay for their injuries… read more

The Four Leading Causes of Truck Crashes in Florida

The trucking industry brings great benefit to our society. Much of America’s food and valuable goods travel across the country on trucks, and Floridians are able to export their agricultural goods and import many things that make our lives better every day.  However, having large trucks drive on South Florida’s roadways, such as I-95 and… read more