Did Your Florida Doctor Deliver Your Infant Using Vacuum Extraction?

As an expectant mother, you most likely learned how to breathe properly during childbirth by attending a Lamaze class. Or you may have learned hypnosis childbirth to enter into a hypnotic state in order to deal with the pain of a natural childbirth. Whatever you learned and prepared for may be different than what actually takes place in the labor and delivery room, as birth complications can arise that change your plans.
One thing you may not have planned for is a complication at birth or your doctor using vacuum extraction equipment to assist with your delivery.

Why do doctors need to use vacuum extraction?

Vacuum extraction typically is used when a mother’s pushing efforts aren’t moving the baby through the birth canal fast enough. A doctor may place a plastic cup on the infant’s head and connect it to the vacuum extraction equipment. The suction aids in complicated deliveries. The doctor has to be very careful to use this medical equipment with a proper technique so that no injuries to the baby occur.

Find out why your doctor chose to use vacuum extraction during childbirth

In some circumstances, vacuum extraction may not have been the appropriate choice. For example, if your baby was stuck in the birth canal or coming out feet first, vacuum extraction should not be the first choice. A doctor can perform a C-section or use other methods that may successfully aid in the delivery of your healthy baby.

If a doctor does not carefully and quickly handle the delivery of your baby, your infant can suffer serious birth injuries or die as a result of their negligence. Some vacuum extraction birth injuries in Florida include:


If your child was injured at birth in Florida because of the improper use of a vacuum extractor, you may have legal rights to damages. Although money cannot take away your baby’s Florida birth injury, it can help get your infant the proper medical care and future health care that is needed. In addition, it will help compensate you for the grief and anguish you are going through.