Poor Lighting

Did a Truck’s Poor Lighting Cause Your Fort Lauderdale Truck Accident?

If you drive on any Florida highway or Fort Lauderdale city street, you will most likely encounter a tractor trailer. It seems like semi trucks are everywhere these days – no matter what road you go down or which turn you take. Although these trucks are hard to miss, as they are massive in size, they can sometimes appear invisible at night.

Semi trucks have lights running on the top and bottom of the trailer, which helps increase a motorist’s awareness of these trucks on the road; however, their sides are generally left unlit. Because the sides of the trailer are typically non-reflective, it can make it more difficult for drivers to spot semi trucks during nighttime driving.

When a driver does not see the semi truck due to its poor lighting system, inadequate reflectors, or lack of lights entirely, that driver may plow into a large truck. This takes place more often than people probably imagine. Some of the drivers involved are drunk drivers or elderly people who cannot see very well, but many other drivers simply do not see the truck due to the lack of lighting coupled with its slower movement.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has discussed tractor trailer vehicle lighting and would like to see the number of lighting-related Fort Lauderdale truck accidents and crashes around this nation decrease.

How Can This Be Done?

Truck drivers need to:

When a truck driver understands that other motorists may have a hard time seeing their trailer at night and proceeds carefully, accidents may be reduced. If you were injured in a  Fort Lauderdale truck accident because of poor lighting or a truck driver’s negligence, you may have rights to a financial recovery for your medical bills, instances of pain and suffering, physical therapy, lost wages, and more.

Find out if you can hold a negligent trucker and trucking company accountable for your injuries, and call a qualified Fort Lauderdale accident lawyer for help with your case today.