Woman Sues Lyft For Causing Her Traumatic Brain Injury

For people without their own vehicles, Uber and Lyft provide a safe and affordable way to get to and from places and it helps those who are intoxicated get home safely rather than driving themselves. Many people have become Uber and Lyft drivers to bring in extra income, while others have turned into full-time rideshare drivers. Dealerships and rental companies have entered into partnerships with Uber and Lyft to provide drivers with vehicles.

However, one lawsuit claims that the Lyft app is causing accidents, forcing drivers to pay attention to the app rather than the roads, as Law.com reports.

The plaintiff in the case is Palm Beach resident Teresa Brookes. Brooks suffered from serious injuries, which included a traumatic brain injury, after she was struck by a Lyft driver on January 4th.

The accident happened as Brookes crossed State Road A1A. Brookes attorney says that the accident happened because the driver was distracted by the Lyft app on their phone.

The complaint alleges several counts and includes both Hertz and Lyft in its details. The suit alleges negligence against all defendants, direct negligence, negligent hiring of an independent contractor, strict liability defective design, and direct negligence for negligent design. The complaint alleges that the application requires the driver to constantly monitor their phone. They are given only a small amount of time to respond to a request for pickup, which takes their attention off the road.

Brookes has had to undergo occupational therapy as a result of her accident and, according to her counsel, has lost the independence of life.