Trampoline Parks See A Heavy Increase In Emergency Room Visits

A trip to a trampoline park can be a fun way to spend an afternoon with children of any age. After all, going to a place where you can run and bounce around on trampolines is a good time for anyone. Unfortunately, trips to the trampoline park can often end in injury. People have experienced broken bones, sprained joints, and even serious injuries. These injuries often occur while just bouncing, but some have reported falling off of the trampolines and even crashing into other people. Many of these places have liability waivers just for entering the location, which means getting compensated for injuries may prove difficult.

Click Orlando reports on how 911 calls are giving insight into trampoline park injuries.

Trampoline parks are typically located in strip malls and warehouses, each year multiple people get injured and suffer from numerous injuries. These injuries range from broken bones and dislocated joints to serious head injuries.

In the past seven years, six people have died at trampoline parks.

There were nearly 18,000 emergency room visits due to trampoline park injuries reported in 2017. This, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, is an increase from the 2,500 injuries reported in 2013.

Few lawsuits have been filed against the trampoline parks in Central Florida. Of the two that could be found, confidential settlements were reached before going to trial. The fact that most locations require signed liability waivers for children under 18 may be the cause for this lack of lawsuits. Many people are deterred from filing lawsuits after signing the waiver. Other releases include forced arbitration clauses which prevent a lawsuit from ever being filed.