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Palm Beach County operates and maintains Palm Beach International Airport (PBI) located at 846 Palm Beach International Airport, West Palm Beach, FL 33406, 561-471-7420. Its terminal is one of the most modern airport facilities in Florida and has won a number of awards over the last two decades, including the 2106 award as the Sixth Best Airport in the United States as determined by Conde Nast Traveler magazine and the 2016 Traveler’s Choice Award from TripAdvisor.

PBI is a hive of activity at any given hour of the day and boasts 13 airlines with over 200 daily non-stop departures and arrivals to over 25 destinations in the Caribbean, United States and Canada.

The airport is 2.5 miles west of downtown West Palm Beach and 3.5 miles west of Palm Beach. The airport is next to I-95 making it easily accessible from anywhere in Palm Beach County.

Palm Beach International Airport is home to:

Need to rent a vehicle when you arrive at the Palm Beach International Airport? There are eight car rental agencies to choose from depending on your needs:

Despite a quieter ambience in this airport accidents could happen. Possible injuries could result from slipping on wet flooring, tripping over a door mat at the entrance to the airport, stumbling over a bump in the floor, tripping over a fallen object or tripping in a construction zone that is not properly marked as being hazardous.

Causes of slip and fall injuries at airports:

Common injuries resulting from slip and fall accidents:

For any of the injuries resulting from a slip and fall accident at the Palm Beach International Airport, compensation may be recovered for any of the following damages:

Punitive damages in personal injury cases are rare unless the defendant’s conduct is egregious. These damages punish the defendant’s conduct and act as a deterrent. In many states, there is a cap on punitive damages.

There are usually two issues Chalik & Chalik Injury Lawyers consider in filing a slip and fall accident case: identifying the right party or parties and making a determination if the party knew about a potential slip and fall risk, or should have known about it.

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