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Many people rely on bicycles to get around in Fort Myers. This puts cyclists at risk of a car accident. Since cyclists do not have mechanical barriers or safety features like automobiles do, these accidents are often costly.

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Bicycle Accident Causes

Many situations can lead to a bicycle accident. Drivers can fail to look for cyclists and many drivers are not aware of Florida’s bicycle laws. This leads to a potentially dangerous situation. These are common causes of bicycle accidents on Florida’s roads:

Many bicycle accidents are the result of negligence on the part of the automobile driver. Florida expects both automobile drivers and cyclists to share the road in a safe manner. When a driver fails to recognize a bicyclist’s right to the road, it can lead to a serious accident.

Injured bicyclists can pursue a liability case against the negligent driver who caused their wreck. A bicycle accident lawyer in Fort Myers from our firm can help.

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Proving Liability in a Bicycle Accident Case

It is important for us to determine liability in your bicycle accident case in order to seek compensation for your damages. We will work to prove the following four elements of personal injury:

Recoverable Bicycle Accident Damages

Whether you were the cyclist or the automobile driver, someone’s negligent actions led to the accident, so it is only right for the negligent party to cover the costs. We will work to determine negligence and then seek to recover damages such as:

You may be able to file a claim with your personal injury protection (PIP) coverage on your auto policy even if you were hurt while riding your bike. But if you suffered serious injuries, your PIP coverage may not cover all your damages. Work with a bike accident attorney who can help you pursue a liability case against the negligent driver who caused your wreck.

How a Bicycle Accident Lawyer Can Help with Your Case

Complimentary Consultation

The situations leading up to a bicycle accident differ from case to case. It is important for us to understand your bicycle accident and injuries. A no-obligation complimentary consultation will assist us in better evaluating your legal options. Call us today at Chalik & Chalik Injury Lawyers at 239-360-3029.

Collecting Important Documents

To determine negligence, we collect supporting documents to help your case while you focus on dealing with your injuries. Important documents might include the police report, medical records, expert witness statements, or even photo or video evidence from the scene of the accident.

When necessary, we will also work to recreate the scene of the accident to prove liability.

Collecting Compensation

To know and understand the damages stemming from a bicycle accident, our team of bicycle accident lawyers will work to calculate and then fight for the compensation you deserve.

Damages like pain and suffering and diminished earning capacity can be more difficult to calculate. We will work on your behalf to identify an appropriate value for your case and then negotiate with the insurance company or represent you at trial if necessary.

Handling All Legal Communication

The aftermath of a bicycle accident can be overwhelming. Our team will handle all communications between legal teams and the court. We also handle any negotiations, keeping you active and informed during the entire process.

While you focus on your health, we remain mindful of the urgency of your case due to Florida’s bicycle accident statute of limitations. Florida requires us to file any bicycle accident cases within four years from the date of the accident. Call a personal injury lawyer today at Chalik & Chalik Injury Lawyers at 239-360-3029.

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