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At some point in their lives, a large number of Americans will experience the devastating effects of an injury that they sustained through no fault of their own. Maybe they were waiting patiently at a red light, for example, and a driver who wasn’t paying attention smashed into the back of their car. Maybe they were subjected to unsafe working conditions at their place of employment and had to miss not only work but pay for expensive medical bills as a result.

At Chalik & Chalik Law Offices, we pride ourselves for being there for individuals in the Vero Beach, Florida area in exactly those types of situations. We’re a husband and wife personal injury lawyer team with decades of experience in the legal profession. We pride ourselves on not just taking on clients by building strong relationships that allow us to get the types of results that you need. We work exclusively on a contingency fee, which not only means that you will be fully aware of exactly how much money we’ll make at the end of the proceedings, but that we also won’t take home a single penny if we don’t deliver you the victory that you deserve in court.