Employees Need to Report Work Hazards to Reduce Fall Accidents

Workers get injured due to fall accidents every year. Unfortunately, these slip and fall injuries account for economical loss, pain and suffering, and even death in some cases. Because most of these injuries are generally preventable, workers need to learn how to identify trouble areas at the workplace and report any hazards to their employers. Employers need to do a better job of eliminating the reported hazards at the workplace in order to keep their employees safe.

Most fall accidents in South Florida and throughout this nation happen in same-level falls. This is when someone trips or slips and falls on the same level. However, falls from an elevation -such as a fall from a roof, ladder, scaffolding, or down the stairs – also occur frequently on the job, especially in the construction industry.

Common examples of slip and fall accidents in Florida include:

  • Falls occur due to a foot slipping on wet surfaces.
  • Falls happen when walking surfaces are uneven or have different levels of traction.
  • Falls take place due to spills.
  • Falls happen in inclement weather.
  • Falls occur due to loose rugs.
  • Falls take place when objects are in the pathway.
  • Falls occur when there is poor lighting and obstructed view.
  • Falls happen when there are broken steps.


Whenever a foot hits an object, it can cause that person to lose his or her balance and fall to the ground. Sometimes a slip and fall accident in Florida is simply just that – an accident; however, sometimes a slip and fall accident could have been caused by the negligence of a property owner or employer. When this happens, it is important for the injured victim of the slip and fall accident to pursue a premises liability claim for injuries.

It is the employer’s duty to provide employees with a safe work environment; however, employees can help improve safety as well and report hazards to their bosses. If the employer fails to correct the hazard, and someone gets hurt on-the-job in a slip and fall accident, then that employer can be held responsible.