Fort Lauderdale Tire Safety Tips

Tire Defects and Tire Recalls

Defective tires

are a major concern of consumer safety advocates and industry watchdogs, who point to their involvement in numerous traffic accidents and fatalities. A defective tire can suddenly come apart at the treads or blow out, sending the vehicle spinning out of control.

In recent years, high-profile defective tire cases and the deadly car accidents attributed to defective tires have made news headlines. The Bridgestone Firestone mandatory tire recall in 2000 brought the issue of defective tires to the national public spotlight, when drivers of SUVs such as the Ford Explorer were hurt or killed in rollover accidents. Multiple lawsuits arose, pointing to the failure of the tires involved in those traffic accidents.

However the problem of defective tires and tire safety did not end with the Bridgestone Firestone recall in 2000. Tire recalls continue to be issued by manufacturers and dealers, and government safety and regulatory groups continue to investigate problems with tires. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) issues Monthly Recall Reports of all automotive product recalls, including tire recalls.

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