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Tips for a Safe and Spooky Halloween for Your Children

The fear of accidents and injury shouldn’t be what scares your family this Halloween. It’s safety first when it comes to choosing the right costume and deciding on the evening’s events. Attorneys Jason and Debi Chalik, who are parents themselves, share their favorite Halloween safety tips. Getting Ready for Halloween Night The first step in… read more

Child Safety Tips: 4 Commonly Overlooked Car-Related Hazards

As parents, we perform due diligence when shopping for a car that will keep our kids safe when we’re on the road. We choose only car seats that meet (or exceed) safety standards. We follow the speed limit and drive defensively. But what about those often-overlooked auto-related hazards? Below is an outline of four potential… read more

Baby Safety: 6 Things to Look for When Buying a Crib

Our babies are precious and their safety is of the utmost importance to us. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report that the leading cause of infant injury death is sleep-related suffocation. Choosing a crib that meets all safety guidelines will go a long way to protecting your baby from any dangers. As… read more

A Parent’s Guide to Buying a Safe and Reliable Car Seat

You will make lots of important purchasing decisions as a parent. Safety is the number one consideration when you’re shopping for an infant car seat, a convertible car seat or a booster car seat. Below are a few tips to help ensure you buy the right car seat and protect your child in the event of an… read more

3 Tips for Finding the Best Obstetrician to Deliver Your Baby

As you begin your pregnancy, start looking for an obstetrician you feel absolutely comfortable with — one you trust will see you and your baby safely through delivery. As you begin your search, we’d like to encourage you with the following tips so that you can ensure you find an OBGYN who’s a good match… read more

What You Need to Know About the Dangers of Inflatable Pool Toys

Our gorgeous South Florida weather makes year-round pool parties a viable option. Unfortunately, these festive occasions are not without risk of pool accidents. The Florida Department of Health reports our state leads the nation in annual fatal child drownings for children younger than five years. In fact, the rate of drowning for kids ages one… read more

What Parents Should Know About Children Bicycling To School

As school is back in session in Florida, parents and groups involved in Palm Beach County schools are attempting to get traffic problems under control – urging more parents and students to start walking and biking to school. School officials have received many complaints about the traffic problems around the school, but there is a… read more

How assisted delivery can put babies at risk for birth injuries

Pregnant women may sometimes require assisted delivery through the use of medical instruments to help the baby’s passage through the birth canal. In such cases, the doctor uses either a vacuum device or forceps to aid childbirth. An assisted delivery may be necessary if the mother is undergoing a lengthy, difficult labor and is too… read more

How fetal macrosomia is linked to birth injuries

Doctors are responsible for carefully monitoring both the mother and baby to ensure the pregnancy is progressing normally. One possible complication that can arise is fetal macrosomia. The condition refers to a baby being larger than average for its gestational age. Pregnant women who have been diagnosed with fetal macrosomia require proper medical attention as… read more

Why asthmatic pregnant women in big cities face a higher risk of preterm birth

A new study has found that expectant mothers with asthma may be at a greater risk of delivering prematurely if they are exposed to high levels of traffic-related air pollution just before conception and in early pregnancy. National Institutes of Health researchers noted both short-term and continuous exposure to carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides increased… read more

Can injured pregnant women benefit from care at trauma centers?

Around 8 percent of expectant mothers suffer traumatic injuries such as fractures and open wounds that typically arise from falls or car accidents. A recent study has suggested pregnant women who sustain traumatic injuries may experience better outcomes when treated at trauma centers instead of non-trauma hospitals. According to research published in the Journal of… read more

Home births are safe and save money, says study

A study from the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Canada has found that births performed at home with the help of a midwife are less costly than hospital deliveries and are equally safe for low-risk births. The researchers examined home births by registered midwives in British Columbia over a four-year period. They found that… read more

Florida parents file cerebral palsy lawsuit against doctor

A West Palm Beach, Florida, couple has filed a birth injury lawsuit against an obstetrician who they claim caused their son’s cerebral palsy by choosing to extract him with a vacuum pump instead of allowing a natural delivery. The boy, now 16 years old, was born with the condition on March 6, 1998, and currently… read more

Child Passenger Safety Week (9/14-9/20): How to Tell if Your Child is in the Right Car Seat

Car safety seats for children play a vital role in protecting your kids when driving in the car. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) citing a 2011 study in Pediatrics, car seat use reduces the risk for death to infants by 71 percent, and for toddlers by 54 percent. Sadly though,… read more

The Effects of Prolonged Labor

One potential risk of childbirth is prolonged labor, which occurs when the mother remains in labor beyond the standard period of time. This condition can carry a higher risk for birth injuries, and it’s vital that doctors monitor cases of prolonged labor and respond appropriately to minimize or avoid risk of injury. Prolonged Labor Overview… read more

Best Apps for Children with Learning Disabilities

Technology can improve many areas of our lives. Some apps are even targeted for children with disabilities, aiming to improve cognition as well as enjoyment. There are many apps that may benefit children with various degrees of learning disabilities, from dyslexia to autism. Author of the article “Use of Computer Technology to Help Children with… read more

Dealing with Laws for Children with Learning Disabilities

Many people are aware that there are laws requiring public accommodations for people with disabilities; however, finding out their child has a learning disability – such as after a brain injury – can overwhelm some parents. The laws are complicated, and any disability presents a challenge. Parents should educate themselves about the laws and how… read more

Tips for Coping with Guilt When Your Child is Injured at Home

Children are highly susceptible to unintentional injuries; in fact, for kids ages one to 14, falls and being struck by an object were the leading causes of emergency room visits in 2009-10, according to When our children are injured, particularly if it’s in our home, we often feel responsible, even when there is no… read more

Keeping Your Teen Safe at the School Dance

Unfortunately, too many teens don’t make it home from the prom, homecoming and other school dances. Teens are four times more likely to have car accidents than older drivers. Crash risk increases when they are with other teen passengers, and crash rates double at night, report the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. But with… read more

Looking into Your Legal Options When Your Child Was Injured at Daycare

There are millions of American children in daycares across the country. Daycare facilities are meant to be safe and secure places to keep our children. However, numerous types of dangers and hazards in the daycare setting cause thousands of preventable childhood injuries each year. If your child was injured due to the daycare center’s negligence,… read more