Why It Is Important to Tell Your Lawyer Everything Following a Motorcycle Crash

After being involved and injured in a motorcycle crash, it might be hard to find someone who you can rely on and trust. When you are looking at different attorneys to handle your case, keep in mind that the only way an attorney can represent you the best is if he or she knows everything.

Although you may not feel comfortable telling a stranger everything about yourself, you need to for the sake of your case and potential recovery. It is very important that you disclose everything to your lawyer so that your attorney doesn’t receive any of this information from the opposing side.

The other side will use anything they can get their hands on to damage your case or to diminish your credibility in front of a jury. If your lawyer knows everything ahead of time, he or she will spin the questionable information in the right way, or will know how to defend that information properly when the time presents itself.

Some things you should always tell your lawyer following a crash:

  • The speed you were driving
  • If you were speeding just moments before the crash
  • The road conditions
  • If driver fatigue contributed to the wreck
  • If you drank alcohol that night
  • If the weather was a factor in the crash
  • Whether or not you were wearing a helmet
  • If you were driving without a license
  • If you borrowed that motorcycle
  • If you were in any prior Florida motorcycle accidents
  • You past medical history or any previous motorcycle injuries

ing else that could harm your case.