The Four Leading Causes of Truck Crashes in Florida

The trucking industry brings great benefit to our society. Much of America’s food and valuable goods travel across the country on trucks, and Floridians are able to export their agricultural goods and import many things that make our lives better every day.  However, having large trucks drive on South Florida’s roadways, such as I-95 and I-75, also presents an inherent risk. Due to many factors, truckers operating their 18-wheelers can cause numerous types of Florida truck accidents that have serious consequences for those involved.

Because of the weight and momentum behind tractor-trailer trucks, the other vehicles involved in truck wrecks usually bear the brunt of the collision. People sideswiped or hit head-on by a tractor-trailer truck can sustain many serious injuries, including neck or head injuries that can result in death.

There are many potential factors that can easily lead to crashes:

  • One of the most common is trucker fatigue, which occurs when 18-wheeler operators drive when they should not. Tired truck drivers can swerve into other lanes, collide with cars they do not see, or jackknife across a highway.
  • Another top factor in area truck wrecks is DUI/DWI. Truck drivers, blatantly disregarding the law, may drive while under the influence of alcohol or prescription drugs. These drivers have slowed reactions, and are much more likely to swerve into other cars causing serious crashes.
  • Many truck drivers are also susceptible to aggressive driving, which may lead to speed-induced crashes or other types of dangerous wrecks. Sometimes drivers may be aggressive on their own, and other times they may be forced to drive over the speed limit by unrealistic deadlines set by trucking companies.
  • Truck wrecks can also be caused by unsecured loads, which make tractor-trailer trucks unstable and susceptible to rolling over, as well as defective parts. When the brakes or tires on an 18-wheeler fail, it puts all other drivers on the road in serious danger.


If you or a loved one has been the victim of a truck wreck that was caused by one of these factors, it is important to remember that it was not your fault. By hiring an experienced Orlando truck accident attorney you may be able to recover damages from the crash.