Is Spinal Surgery Necessary After a Motorcycle Crash?

South Florida seems to have just the right weather for motorcyclists to ride all year long. Although riding motorcycles can be exhilarating and adventurous, it can also be quite dangerous, even with the great weather that Florida provides to riders. Because there are many motorists rushing about on Florida streets and highways, it makes for a dangerous place for motorcycle riders.

Sometimes injuries of the spine can be helped with physical therapy and chiropractic care. Other times, when the injury is too devastating to be healed with therapy, spinal surgery is required.

In order to determine if spinal surgery after a bike crash, the victim should seek medical treatment immediately. Doctors will run certain tests of the lumbar and cervical spine to determine the extent of the damage. Once the MRI or CT scan tests are evaluated, the surgeon will provide a treatment plan for the spinal injuries.

There are three main types of spinal surgery:

  • Discectomy: This type of surgery is conducted by a small incision and removal of a herniated disc that has its annular fibers torn and is sitting on or compressing the spinal column or nerves.
  • Laminectomy: The lamina bone is the one you can feel when you run your fingers down the middle of your back. Sometimes a surgeon will have to remove a portion of the lamina so that he can access the spinal column to make the necessary spinal repairs. This procedure should be done by a skilled surgeon specializing in these surgeries, as it is a more complicated and intensive surgery.
  • Fusion: When your spine needs to be stabilized, a spinal fusion is typically performed. Plates, rods, cages, screws, and other items are fused together to provide stabilization to your spine. This is the most complicated type of all three of these surgeries and should only be performed by a skilled surgeon.