More Efforts Supporting Amber May, Advocate Capital

Thank you Advocate Capital for helping us spread the word about the dangers of parasailing.  Changes these regulations is something we feel very strongly about and are working hard to get the message out to the right people.  As many of our clients know, we joined the efforts of the White family back in 2007 when they lost one daughter to the negligence of a parasailing operation and the other daughter suffered a traumatic head injury.  NO family should have to face the loss of a child for any reason and especially not to a preventable accident.

This is the reason we are working hard to change the laws governing the parasailing industry.  It has turned into a death trap for many tourists.  As residents of Florida, we see this tragedy playing out over and over, these are just cases in Florida that have been reported over the years:

  • 2013 – Two teenage girls, Alexis Fairchild and Sidney Good, seriously injured after the rope broke
  • 2012 – Death of Kathleen Miskell when harness broke
  • 2011 – David Sieradzki dies from parasailing injuries after the boat motor died
  • 2010 – Shaun Ladd lost his fiance Alejandra White when the tow rope snapped on their parasail
  • 2010 – Father and six year old daughter were injured when their tow rope broke while parasailing
  • 2007 – Amber May White died and Crystal White suffered head injuries when their rope snapped.
  • 2004 – two fifteen year old girls were carried into power lines after their tow line broke.  They were rescued, but it was a near miss.
  • 2001 – Kentucky mother and daughter were killed when their tow rope snapped.

The Parasail Safety Council tracks injuries and deaths in the parasailing industry nationwide.  Their reports show 70 deaths and at least 1,700 injured between 1982-2012 from an estimated 150 million rides.  In looking closer at their numbers, this translates to about one in 90,000 parasailing rides end in an accident causing injuries or even death.  In comparison to amusement parks, who see one accident in 9 million rides.

It is time for regulations!  Join our fight, add the Amber May White badge to your site and show your support.