GM Recalls Around 5 Million More Vehicles

Earlier this year, General Motors (GM) announced it was recalling 2.6 million vehicles due to the presence of a faulty ignition switch. This specific defect could cut off the engine while driving, thereby preventing the deployment of the airbags in the event of a crash. This defect has been associated with 31 crashes and 13 deaths.

Recently though, over the course of two weeks in May, GM saw media attention again when it announced that it was recalling an additional five million vehicles, not all for the same reason. GM owners should be aware of these new updates, and should contact an attorney immediately if involved in a crash due to a defective model.

5 Million More Cars Recalled 

General Motors made an announcement on May 15 that it was initiating a new recall that would affect approximately 2.7 vehicles across the United States and the rest of the world. This recall consisted of five separate issues, which included cars that had problems with power steering, power-brake assist, electronic malfunctions, and even a tie-rod defect that could contribute to steering loss. GM is currently aware of a number of crashes and injuries associated with certain models, according to the article.

With this, a subsequent set of recalls announced on May 20 targeted a further 2.42 million vehicles. This covered problems concerning the safety of seatbelts, the nature of airbag deployment, and even the possibility of certain new cars being fire hazards

GM Recalls This Year

As of May 20, GM had already begun 29 separate recalls, which brings the total number of affected vehicles to more than 13 million in the United States alone.

The series of recalls started this year with the aforementioned announcement due to the faulty ignition switches, and carried on from there. Another recall began in March due to cars that experienced a sudden loss of power steering, as well as another one in early May due to a faulty fuel-gauge that may not accurately reflect the amount of fuel within a car. Other separate recalls have been initiated due to a variety of defects within certain GM models.

Have you been injured by a defective GM model in Florida?

Product manufacturers have a duty to their consumers to produce a product that is safe for use. This type of case falls under product liability law, which ultimately provides that a lawsuit can be initiated by a consumer injured by a manufacturing or design defect. In the case of General Motors, each recall has begun due to flaws in the cars, so drivers or passengers injured as a result may have a viable liability case against the automaker.

If you have been hurt in a crash in a recalled GM vehicle – or another defective vehicle – contact the attorneys at Chalik & Chalik. We can help you understand your rights and file a claim to recover compensation. You can contact us today by calling 855-529-0269.